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User avatar #2 - aflockogeese
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(06/28/2013) [-]
Personally, I love Leonardo DiCaprio and I hate how he was kept out of the trilogy. As much as I enjoyed Christopher Nolan's adaptation of the Batman franchise, I feel he should have had, in the very least, a minor role. I think all three movies were casted almost perfectly, and I would like to congratulate Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Aaron Eckhart, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, and Heath Ledger on their outstanding performances. I loved all these performers, and as much as I love Leo, I can't see him doing a better job than any one of them. Also, if Nolan had decided to put the Riddler in the series, I think DiCaprio would have been phenomenal.
User avatar #62 to #2 - waterbottlemanboy
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(06/29/2013) [-]
As much as I agree with you, I don't think DiCaprio could be a good Riddler, I think someone like Guy Pierce could pull it off pretty well, or someone like that.
User avatar #20 to #2 - fuzzyballs
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(06/28/2013) [-]
yeah, exept Annie sucks
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