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#112 - harryblazer
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(06/28/2013) [-]
>its aparently still hilarious to make sexy moaning sounds despire being 17 ******* years old
>if someone tries to fight you, you're supposed to let it happen until the possibility that a teacher wil see it and feel like stopping it, or you'll be suspended
>if some ******* kills themselves on the other side of the country, you must attend as assembly and be told how awful you all are for 2 hours
>if some ******* drinks and crashes their car on the other side of the country, same rues appy
>the school DJ 4DM1Nistation is only out to cover there own, and will always blame you if they **** up
>the guidance department will place you where they want to, and be angry if you dont enjoy it
>standerdize testing is not teaching
>if you're not an straightA honor-roll ass kisser, then the school doesnt give a **** about you

"you'll miss it sooo much, best years of your life" my cherry red ass
#156 to #112 - assumingcontrol
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(07/01/2013) [-]
My school got made into an academy about a year ago, suddenly they've made the days longer (without paying the teachers more for the extra amount of time they spend at work) the headteacher and the guidance counsellor just decided on a new timetable without asking any of the other teachers or students what they think the worst part is that they actually tried to cover it up. Like they suddenly told us about the new timetable in this big assembly and were saying stuff like "the days arent any longer" it's ridiculous.

My school is China.
User avatar #148 to #112 - danniegurl
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(06/28/2013) [-]
There was a gun threat, one kid threatened and planned with another to murder someone, and 5 kids (some who'd gone to the school, some hadn't) and 1 adult killed one other kid, chopping him up and burning the pieces, and I never heard of any school doing any sort of assembly in out area.