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User avatar #165 - richode
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(06/28/2013) [-]
not eating meat because of taste or cultural/religious reasons = no worries.

not eating meat because you think it will end global warming or it is cruel to animals = uneducated and selfish
User avatar #215 to #165 - chiefrunnyjeans
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(06/28/2013) [-]
I prefer actual farm raised animals and hunted animals. Factory farming is wrong and is definitely cruel.
#190 to #165 - tyraxio
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(06/28/2013) [-]
Also wait, how is it selfish doing it for the benefit of the planet or animals? That's probably what makes the least sense about your statement.
#187 to #165 - tyraxio
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(06/28/2013) [-]
Let me rephrase that for you.

Not eating meat because of being brainwashed by your local society = No worries.

Not eating meat because of reasons you have realised something on your own = Uneducated.

I won't get into a big discussion about whether or not you should or shouldn't be vegan or vegetarian or whatever, but what I hate is when meat eaters start talking about reasons you should or shouldn't be veg. What you just said is that it is okay in your opinion to be veg because it is what you have been taught is right (yet I have a feeling you think veg parents raising veg children is wrong) is good, but if you do it for a reason it's uneducated. I am not trying to insult you, but I have no idea what logic you used to reach that conclusion. Please explain.

Inb4 red thumbs because vegan.
User avatar #324 to #187 - richode
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(06/29/2013) [-]
now that I read this when I'm slightly more sober. The selfish part doesn't make much sense. Almost all meat I eat is home grown or hunted.

I think it's mainly because majority of vegans/vegetarians I have met that do it because of the latter point try to impose their way of thinking and tell me that I'm wrong. Where as those who I've met who do it for the first point, understand that it's a choice that everyone makes and should not be forced upon them like they are the bad guys and they are wrong.