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User avatar #126 - Mozzak (06/28/2013) [-]
Her brother is a massive swaggot.
#177 to #126 - anonymous (06/28/2013) [-]
who gives a **** ? god damn you people on funnyjunk judge others for being "swagfags" "swaggots" but when it comes to someone judging you, you post on the internet like some sort of hate speech, i bet secretly loathe "swaggots" because they get more attention then you
#190 to #177 - cptnigelofwolf (06/28/2013) [-]
I found another swaggot
User avatar #181 to #177 - Mozzak (06/28/2013) [-]
I like it how only anons don't agree with me, ever.
#209 to #181 - anonymous (06/28/2013) [-]
No one is disagreeing with you faggot
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