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User avatar #31 - mads (06/28/2013) [-]
When you take a job as a person who doesn't get old you have to understand you will be fired when you got old. This isn't an injustice, this is a job.
#34 to #31 - pariahlol (06/28/2013) [-]
Unless they told him upfront, "Hey bro, when you get your first wrinkle, we're firing you, we don't want to even think about makeup." then I still consider it injustice to a degree
User avatar #81 to #34 - mads (06/28/2013) [-]
Not at all. If the job is to play a chracter that doesn't age and you show signs of ageing then you have to expect to be fired. NIt doesn't matter how they say it it is not an injustice.
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