proud. . Peter is proud of his work. He is certain that no one will find Carol Ann this time.. Son, I am proud.
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#4 - gadorian (06/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Son, I am proud.
User avatar #1 - TheHutchie (06/27/2013) [-]
The ******* lightbulb text recognition actually got this right...
User avatar #7 - starswirl (06/28/2013) [-]
"This time"

Dammit Peter stop burying Carol Ann
User avatar #5 - threeeighteen (06/28/2013) [-]
B.. but.. if I were to do this (hopefully I'm not that unstable) I'd rather keep her in my dungeon... for fun. Still ****** up either way though.
#2 - mynameisawesomeman (06/28/2013) [-]
>this time
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