White And Nerdy On Omegle. A fellow Funnyjunkie on Omegle. ^^. Omegle conversation log You' re rlnw with a renown stranger. Say MI Stranger: hello Stranger: how
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White And Nerdy On Omegle

A fellow Funnyjunkie on Omegle. ^^

Omegle conversation log
You' re rlnw with a renown stranger. Say MI
Stranger: hello
Stranger: how are m
You: They see me mom, my from lawn
Stranger: I know they are all rm warte and new
You: Think w my too warte l nerdy Think m just too white If nerdy
Stranger: can' t you see rm white If nerdy Look at me rm white It' merryl
You: l wanna roll with, the gangsters
Stranger: at so lat they all trunk I' m too white If nerdy
You: Think just too white If new Thank rm just too white It' new
Stranger: rm just too white It' new Really, really white If new
You: rust In my class here at M IT
Stranger: Got skills, rm a Chamelon or DND
You: MC Escher mats my wattle MC, Keep your 40
Stranger: HI my have an Earl Grey tea
You: My rims never Spalt to the contrary
Stranger: You' ll mo they' re quite stationary
You: All or my amen (gums are cherry
Stranger: Steven Hawkings tn my library
You: My Myspace pagers pimped out
Stranger: l got people begging for my top as spaces
You: vol know Pi to a thousand places
Stranger: Amt got no grills hull still wear braces
You: I order all or my sandwiches with mayonnaise
Stranger: I' m a who at minesweepers can play lot days
You: once you see my sweet moves mute gonna stay amazed
Stranger: my Ggers movin‘ so last on set the place ablaze
You: There' s no killer app I haven' t run
Stranger: At Pascal, well, m number l
You: Do vector calculus just for run
Stranger: I amt got a gal hull gotta soldering gun
You: Happy Jays ts my favourate theme song
Stranger: l can sure kick your bull tn a game pong
You: I' ll ace any trivia quiz you bring on
Stranger: rm fluent tn Java Scum as well as Klingon
You: Here' s the pant mmg on
Stranger: They see me roll on my segways
You: I know In my heart they trunk m white If nerdy!
Stranger: Think rm just too white Y new
You: Think w just too white If nerdy
Stranger: Cam you see I' m white It' nerdy
You: Look at me rm white l nerdy
Stranger: M like to roll wrth
The gangsters
You: Although ms apparent rm too White rt nerdy
Stranger: Think w just too white If nerdy
You: rm just too white It' nerdy
Stranger: How' get so warte rt nerdy’?
You: We been browsing, '
Stranger: comics you knoll collect
You: The pens tn my pocket l must protect
Stranger: my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored
You: shopping warte for deals on some writable media
Stranger: l edit Wikipedia
You: I memorized Holy Grail really well
Stranger: t can mule it right now and have you ROTFLOL
You: l got a business mung websites
Stranger: when my mat's need some code who do they cala
You: l do HTML for them all
Stranger: Even made a homepage lot my dog
You: fol Got myself a fanny pack
Stranger: they were having a sale down at the GAP
You: Spend my nights with a roll or bubble wrap
Stranger: POP POP! Hope no one sees me gettin' breaker
You: rm nerdy tn the extreme and whiter than sour creme
Stranger: Iwas tn AV club and Glee club and even the chess team
Your only ever thought was hard
Stranger: Was do l like Kirk or dot We Picard?
You: l spend every weekend at the renaissance tart
Stranger: at the renaissance tart
Stranger: I got my name on my under wean
You: They see me stroll" They laughers
Stranger: And [OHM than eyes ‘cause
rm so white If nerdy
You: Just because I' m white If new
Stranger: Just because rm white If nerdy
You: All because rm white If nerdy
Stranger: Holy cow white If nerdy
You: l wanna bowl with, the gangsters
Stranger: out oh well " odorous m white If nerdy
You: Think rm just too white Y new Thank rm my loo white rt nerdy
Stranger: I' m just too white n’ nerdy Look at me rm white y newt
Stranger: I smell bacon
You: With or without
Stranger: ''
Stranger: screencap ths
You: ‘knuckletouch‘
You: [will D
Stranger: yams the tth funnjunker I met for today
Stranger: D
You: You' re the no
Stranger: have a mm day yr
You: Von too
Stranger: r shall continue my hunt lot funnyjunkers
You: Good luck
Stranger: cheers
Yaar partner has
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Submitted: 05/28/2010
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#10 - KillStealinAHol (05/28/2010) [+] (2 replies)
anyone else read this and hear it as the song?
User avatar #22 - dylanisman (05/29/2010) [+] (7 replies)
he spelled funnyjukers wrong\
#28 to #22 - GirlOfBoredom **User deleted account** (05/29/2010) [-]
so did you
User avatar #12 - NoThisIsBlaze (05/28/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I actually sang through the whole thing
User avatar #1 - thumbs (05/28/2010) [-]
yay a funny one
#4 - anonymous (05/28/2010) [-]
fcukkkinnnngggggggggg WINNN
User avatar #2 - Alt (05/28/2010) [-]
lol i love this one =')
ur awesome
User avatar #13 - MarcusAllen (05/28/2010) [+] (7 replies)
holy **** dude that was you?!?!?!?
User avatar #8 - phantomenace (05/28/2010) [-]
Epic Weird Al :D Next try Virus Alert
#6 - ProJustice (05/28/2010) [-]
**ProJustice rolls 8,885**

#3 - Amatory **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
#21 - sammichesaregood **User deleted account** (05/29/2010) [-]
all i meet on omegle is either pervs or assholes
User avatar #16 - BeastlyElemental (05/28/2010) [-]
epic winn
#5 - ProJustice (05/28/2010) [+] (5 replies)
**ProJustice rolls 0,985**
epic omegle is epic

#7 to #5 - badluck **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
nah, just over 900
#23 - pRvvvRt **User deleted account** (05/29/2010) [-]
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