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#2 - vaskaduzea (06/25/2013) [-]
what the fuck is that clothes ?
User avatar #160 to #2 - wliia (06/26/2013) [-]
To be fair, if I were as rich as him, I wouldn't give a shit about how I looked.
#174 to #160 - vaskaduzea (06/26/2013) [-]
okay its cool, i get that. but isn't that like uncomfortable ?
User avatar #176 to #174 - wliia (06/26/2013) [-]
From what I can tell, it's a loose really oversized shirt, sweatpants, and a sweater rapped around his waste. Doesn't seem that uncomfortable.
#180 to #176 - vaskaduzea (06/26/2013) [-]
its a tight shirt, tight yoga like pants that are baggy on the ass and hit the back of your legs when you walk and make you feel like you shit yourself
User avatar #103 to #2 - mikoli (06/26/2013) [-]
Couldn't have put it better myself.
User avatar #62 to #2 - eliteqtip ONLINE (06/26/2013) [-]
Did he get up, put that on, and think he looked good? He looks like a goddamn fool.
#64 to #62 - vaskaduzea (06/26/2013) [-]
its more like:
got up, put that on, saw himself and thought:"awww man it looks awful, too bad its fashion so i have to wear it"

fucking idiot
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