I need Feminism because..... ...calm down every one it's just a joke..... lil Facebook I n Stacks Mom Lyrics (Full s: It El Suggested Sites El Web Slice Gallery i need FEMINISM because laugh out loud shemale youtube dumb haha okay if your Reading the tags

I need Feminism because....

...calm down every one it's just a joke....

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Why are there so many girls commenting on this video?
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Wireless technology has allowed for internet in the kitchen. Boom.
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Kitchen jokes, really? Those are distasteful and NOT FUNNY. To you it' s a joke but
to women it' s their rights and dignity and the fact that they are stigmatized and
discriminated against based on their reproductive organs.
And before you write me eff as a hysterical bitch, guess what. I' m a dude.
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I need feminism because i' m a shemale A
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There's a screenshot button you know, you don't need to google how to press a button i'd hope
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should close your other tabs
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