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#141 - Cambro
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Marvel's goal is to bring back comic books for the younger ages. Thus why they are making a monopoly of movies in the same universe. They want a young fan base and build off of it while still keeping the adults involved with some adult concepts and jokes that kids wouldn't really understand. They are reviving the superhero for the kids.

DC's movie goal is to reimagine superheroes in a realistic light that can be grasped by adults primarily and relates to the modern day culture and themes. The Batman films were dark and gritty, but the trilogy as a whole stood as "be a hero no matter the circumstances" with linings of hope. It even dismisses the 'greater good' idea that this society had been holding. If Batman saved Ra's, Talia and Bane would never have sought revenge on him and Gotham. If Gordon and Batman had not chosen to lie about Dent, the Bane situation would have been alleviated a bit with less initial support from the people of Gotham. it even goes farther back. Batman is a symbol of justice and hope. Killing is always wrong because it muddies the image. The image of a hero never dies (thus Gordon Levitt being implied as taking up the cowl at the end of TDKR).

Man of Steel does the same: you do right no matter what. Even if someone deserves less than good treatment, you do the right thing. Not only does Superman imply "do not harm," it advocates for supererogatory actions, going above and beyond the call of action like a true hero. Killing, even when it is absolutely necessary, is to be mourned as a loss of life like the end of the film. Yet again we have visions of hope in this DC movie. DC has taken the noble effort against post-modern society and art, saying being good is not meaningless and bringing back the idea of hope. The era of Watchmen is over, we are in a more Golden Age again, though with necessary grit.
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User avatar #144 to #141 - kingbulbasaur
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Why the **** don't people get it
That, and Avengers was such a ****** movie. I wanted it to be amazing, but it wasn't.
User avatar #199 to #144 - luciferiam
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I wouldn't go that far but when I did rewatch it I didn't enjoy it near as much. The Marvel movies won't particularly last a decade down the line.