Accidentally the whole CD-Player. Oops.. Clumsy Seller CD prayer wanted ma a CD changer that can hold at least so cm Must he m good common Ewart or can MMV'" P' i love you
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Accidentally the whole CD-Player

Clumsy Seller
CD prayer wanted
ma a CD changer that can hold at least so cm Must he m good common
Ewart or can MMV'" P'
ram swung my mum Technics sumo: on changer ms mug s m excerrent
condition and works great r have Included a pcture or t rm asking as tor rt
Please let me know tyou are Interested
From Steve - to M _
Me, the an prayer more good Does t have a remote? Tso, r can pm t up
tomorrow Where do you me?
From Me to Steve -W":
rt does have a remote Tomorrow works tor me, r work m Manatank near the
hospital and can hung the on player to work wrth me We can meet anywhere
around there m the afternoon
Just one though, and r my am sorry about the, out r accedentally
trapped avenue CD prayer In the dark earner and chipped the Mae of the plastic
cover were mt a screen there and t does not awed the performance
whatsoever, out r Just thoughti would let you know we included a mute or the
smart chm
From Steve 1' to Me:
No worms That 5 true whats your phone number? Mme rs 21 '" -""
From Me to Steve """"t
Steve, rm really sorry, but r damaged rt a we more r ream show
have moved t out or the middle or the hallway, because r just upped over t warn
was wearing mots and cracked the [MSW cover
around the screen A ten or the buttons got mashed m as wet You can star pray
songs 1, 2, 4, 5, T, and 9, though onus use the remote rt stn prays Cds hue, and
we included a prams or t powered on so you can see that t M wens
once warn, r am Emmy sorry about Ins ram gong to knock no on or the wee
tor your inconvinence
From Steve -Mrk to Me:
com you drop the price down to )? That looks pretty had
From Me to Steve """""t
Sure rt rs my mun tor over t anyway
From Me to Steve --H
Hey, us he awn r was roading the on player We my Intuit to hung to work
tomorrow, but then my trend carved me and r got Long story short, r
torgat the co prayer was heared my car and r accedentally hacked over t a we on
when r went to go to wawa Thankfully r " the makes Deters r crushed anythang
opponant, but the hack name rs a we bent
r assure you that the CD prayer mu works on the ought Sula, the car must have
popped that clipped pram cover on or the wont, so now you can cream see the
rear screen tthank rt mks hater, dour you? From the trout, staring at rt head on,
you can' t even tear that the hack rs bashed m we that seem as r reproved the
looks mm the wont, ram going to bump the wee hack up to we
lam going to try my best to hem the metal name hack to the way t was once
warn, ram very sow about this
From Steve -W’ to Me:
Are you tradding me? That mug rs muted What a trekking Hull you are! How troll
you reams t was behind your can
on and you have the nerve to charge are MORE money tor breaking , worse?
Dom wow, r can to rt rm on rt mm now
From Me to Steve -'1
okay, We got good news and had news The good news ' the CD prayer star
works The had news rs that r was smoking a agar winter was mug to repent t, and
t set pan or the CD prayer on We
As you can see mm the plants, some or the on payer has melted Thank to my
2 months experence as a , my restricts lucked In and r was we
to the names wrth my muse Debts too much or the CD prayer melted rt
sun can herd about was CDA, and an that stun that mated on the rtrt we went
meutant anyway
unfortunately, r drink expensive muse and t was many tun when r had to use rt to
put out the me Theaters, r am adding another so to the wee or the on prayer to
hung the grand tour to
once agents, the CD prayer m works r wmm t sounds even hater than Delete rt rs
now tn my trunk and ready to he S/ aid to you tomorrow PM gale you a can when r
have my much break so we can meet up tonne we
Pram Steve j to Me:
Von must he stupis rt you trunk Mr pay we tonne charred returns
prayer r cant berieve how may you managed to rm that mug up How are you
mu awe? How have you managed to make It Ins tar m rate, when CLEARLY you are
too toolbelt to keep even a on prayer mm hang burned to a cusp? r realty want to
knw! Pease, me, ten are
From Me to stew “f
m 5/ any TI upset you by humping the pme up to Lets Just can It we Deaf?
Pram Steve K. to Me:
how me you this dumb?
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