Them. . Find THE TRUTH with the Theere Flowchart THEY den’ t want yea to aee. Are the bastards eat to well of nurse THEY meld say that ' t HEY. tes, they' re up
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Find THE TRUTH with
the Theere
Flowchart THEY den’ t
want yea to aee.
Are the
bastards eat to
well of nurse
THEY meld say
that ' t
tes, they' re up Ity sheathing
alright. I use we it
ase Reason Stick
we he as as
Big Phanna Aliens -
his man. I' m talking: etude!
seine really Mary secret
underground **** .
Dee: Queen Elizabeth Ii he
an uncanny . ante re a
Large shape shafting lizard
hom the Alpha Draconis star
What, like a sen e
private annual
for extremely
inferential politicians and
No, I moan Willi
ACTUALLY use the eerie. '. , snag”
Exactly. hut wins a salt at am up ta
We en we smarmy% rfg.
Dem he silly. are lust has a very
mud heads o
The Protocols or
the Elsi s pf than
was a em green
t with mi has
In nth fun, can
I bring the wife?
e we as apetit - f
are attempting tn
hasten the return of the
tar a technologically alie
species has mastered interstellar space
travel and invested vast time and into
travelling to earth. who do we as they
meld be must likely to make first muted
ah Certainly net.
Granet Grub‘! ..
we ever
shiny dildos?
e trashed alle
spaceships leek at Hill
hit like a
high altitude weather
as The Chasm D o
ever been taken re the
planet Elmira en a flying
saucer to meet Jesus.
Buddha and Joseph
Certainly we
titan.. s.. No, ell use
end may end zip
Yap. Pretty
ah? There ere seine
Ed the aliens have
permission from the US.
army tel buzz around the
place in their nice shiny
spaceships putting the willie
up the ideals?
They' re
Yats, GUI aaight.
The we Decides an we They' re Wine In weer Theyy' maltier No hugger. bulle No .
a are tri 'ttll. up I-[ Hung] “ Ity sen tgfo mom die, will him up.
hie. they' recuse
queueing with emit
and net telling us
tie: Ieet , he I knew
what they' re up tea.
feel me.
Pay allentown
an Danton and .
Well. we we were ales tant
it ‘.3795 eluted HIV They' re killing us ell an the and
classis “r i: anttumi be mantra; it an assess we that
and "Yr' rlax* rm “F Wed an sumpin: iers. hua I' m an be them. its kill us?
day. Evan Trinixy
Charles knees teal
What are
they Naking
THU can Curt) all “WWW
diseases try thinly net
seeking yew feed.
conducting secret trials
he see which soft cream
cheese gees best with
and bagels?
I: and balling it Ity frightening ****
LIB. and net telling us.
came r: -essay.
MEN punk
Think: fer earring
and thanks for tanking hank he originel reeree let
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User avatar #1 - threadz (06/23/2013) [-]
I thought the NSA proved this to be correct
#2 - fefe (06/24/2013) [-]
the real truth is within the lightbulb
#3 - minnyebruger (06/24/2013) [-]
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