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#6 - grandtheftkoala **User deleted account** (06/18/2013) [-]
Sexism has really taken a U turn
User avatar #324 to #6 - joeledo (06/19/2013) [-]
Since when is Skrillex a feminist?
#264 to #6 - fefe (06/19/2013) [-]
That is such ******** , there barely is any violence against men by women. It's true that feminism has kinda blown out of proportion, but that doesn't negate the fact that violence in society is a problem created mostly by men. Just like rape. Yes men can also be raped, by other men. 99% of rapists are men. And the content is not about violence, but about equal rights, which I absolutely agree with. Rage over.
User avatar #633 to #264 - xzynth (06/19/2013) [-]
You don't deserve the massive amounts of red thumbs, but your focus on crimes by men is a little irritating. The reason "99%" of rapes are done by men is that the other way around is kinda hard (i imagine). Saying men are bad due to this percentage is like calling people with arms evil because 99% of stabbings are done by people with arms.

Moving on, most violence may be done by men, and I can believe this, but again blaming he entire gender for soem mens violence is like blaming all muslims for the terror some have done, or calling all Americans stupid because soemone posted a retarded tweet by a American teen. It's called generalization. And finally, if you want equal rights etc, WHY THE FLYING **** ARN*T YOU CALLED EQUALISTS? IT'S ******* CONFUSING.

tl;dr: men rape more because we actually can rape, they generalize too much and theys hould be called equalists
#656 to #633 - crazypotato (06/19/2013) [-]

totally agree.
User avatar #512 to #478 - crazyhindu (06/19/2013) [-]
Do you even have to ask?
User avatar #563 to #390 - funnyrage (06/19/2013) [-]
translationh **** ***** you just ****** up.
User avatar #679 to #563 - skilletpanhead (06/19/2013) [-]
*Oh **** N'wah you just ****** up.
User avatar #694 to #679 - funnyrage (06/19/2013) [-]
sorry, i couldn't find the second letter of N'wah so i assumed it was n'gga or something, thanks for your help.
User avatar #697 to #694 - skilletpanhead (06/19/2013) [-]
Cool. You can download the font from somewhere.

Forgot where, though.
#536 to #390 - fefe (06/19/2013) [-]
--.-- I'm not sure if there is a translation for Daedric symbols.
User avatar #371 to #264 - shinypokemans (06/19/2013) [-]
Hi, I'm a REAL feminist and you're full of **** .

Men can be raped by women: www.nytimes.com/2012/01/24/health/as-victims-men-struggle-for-rape-awareness.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

And men are assaulted by women: www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/sep/05/men-victims-domestic-violence

It may be true that it doesn't happen to men as often, but even once is WAY too many times. Your backwards thinking is the type of trash that discredits feminism AND makes men feel ashamed to come forward when they have been assaulted. feminspire.com/feminism-its-good-for-men-too/
User avatar #634 to #371 - xzynth (06/19/2013) [-]
Men rape more often and does violence more often because men are more capable of doing both than women (not being sexists, but you seethe numbers). Anwyays, why can't you call yourself equalists? Because you want the genders to be equall i presume? Calling yourself feminists implies you equality will favour women, not saying you want this, but your name impkies this.
User avatar #385 to #371 - arisaka (06/19/2013) [-]
Are you a second wave feminist tho
#308 to #264 - gentlemanotaku (06/19/2013) [-]
found the feminazi
found the feminazi
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