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#27 - joehue (06/18/2013) [-]
Man, I love learning things about things I love.

Skyward Sword has taken its place as my favorite Zelda game(I love Majora's Mask and Oot, but something about SS really just dragged me in and spent day and night playing it til I beat it, then Hero Mode as well, plus the way they connected all the games together.) and I had no idea that the Sacred Realm was Skyloft. I mean, the gap between Link to the Past and Skyward Sword is pretty huge and yet they're able to make a glorious connection between them.

#44 to #27 - anonymous (06/18/2013) [-]
EXACTLY. IT TRIPS ME OUT. That's not the only connection either. I was playing Wind Waker the other day, and remember the Travelling Goron from SS? He was in Wind Waker too. No big deal right? WRONG. I don't know the exact wording but he said something along the lines of, "Hey there stranger. Say... you look really familiar. But it couldn't be you...?"

And this kind of **** happens all the time in the LoZ universe. I love it but it scares me how much they've got **** down.
User avatar #28 to #27 - farseerpt (06/18/2013) [-]
I can post more if you like.

Glad you liked it.
User avatar #32 to #28 - rtsgamer (06/18/2013) [-]
keep posting
User avatar #37 to #32 - farseerpt (06/18/2013) [-]
As you wished here's the result, hope you like it.

User avatar #38 to #37 - rtsgamer (06/18/2013) [-]
you are a good person and receive this thumb up.
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