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I haven't looked at all the comment, so I'm sure someone's mentioned this, but absolutely none of this had anything to do with respecting women. Sparta was a pure militaristic society. Marriage didn't mean much there anyway because the warriors were off training 11 months out of the year. They simply came in, screwed the woman to impregnate her that month, then left again. The woman wasn't concerned with cooking and cleaning, they had slaves for that. Her only job was to produce more warriors. Men often fell in love with other warriors and sex with women was simply a duty to the state. They'd often also get younger men in better shape to impregnate their wives in order to produce stronger children. They were only citizens because they had to run the state and the slaves when the men were at war. They couldn't keep their children either way. Boys left for agoge (military training) at 7 and Girls at 12. Finally, the little thing about the knives has no historical backing.