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(06/16/2013) [-]
>Be me, 16, sophomore year
>Always picked on for being overweight even though I lift and run often
>get the **** kicked out of me often
>Never do **** about it, too beta
>Have friendgirl (known her for 10 years) who dates main asshole
>says he's only "joking around"
>Bitch this ****** damn near drowned me in a lake and threatens me with a knife
>after gym class, in locker room
>Main ****** and co. shove me against locker
>main ****** asks me if I've been hanging with friendgirl
>knife across the face, still have the scar
>later tell friendgirl what happened
>she just ******* laughs and says that if I go to anybody she will never speak to me again
>Get license, dads old car for 17th bday
>Half day, leave to pick up little bro from elementary
>little bro is 10, autistic slightly, I'm protective as ****
>see Main ****** walking past him
>I swear to ******* god....
>Didn't feel like going around, he ******* pushes little bro to the ground
>Get out of car, deciding either help little bro up or pound this ****** into oblivion
>This **** is dead
space limit
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(06/16/2013) [-]
>Run up to ******
>He's laughing at me and little bro
>Starts bragging about how I couldn't hurt a Varsity football player
>Throws a punch, grab his fist and stop it
>He's like "wtf"
>I'm like "wtf"
>Slam other hand into back of his elbow with every bit of strength
>breaks like a twig
>He's crying like a bitch now
>he falls on the ground
>stomp on his knee, leg is now broken too
>He's screaming in agony
>grab his face and start pounding it into the concrete
>He's gasping for air, blood pouring from his face
>Punch him as hard as I can in the throat
>Tell him if he ever ***** with me or my family again, I will ******* end his life
>He blacks out
>Grab bro, he's ok
>Get in the car and get him some Ice cream for his trouble
>later cousin asks how bullying problem is
>cousin is a local cop, told me he couldn't do anything because not breaking the law and no evidence
>tell him he's stopped

one more
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(06/16/2013) [-]
>next day get call from friendgirl
>she never wants to see or hear from me again, called cops
>tell her my side, she doesn't give a ****
>Cop shows up at house
>He tells me court would have me ******, prison for a few years....
>....but they found nothing connecting me to his brutal ass-whooping
>Tells me he's proud I stood up for myself and my family
>If it ever happens again like this he'll take me in though

Asshole is now fat, Friendgirl is addicted to meth, And I'm still beta bearmode