Shenanigans Ft. Moushi. check her out...she's pretty cool<br /> <br /> New comic check it out: moushi cameronchase shenanigans lol

Shenanigans Ft. Moushi

check her out...she's pretty cool<br />
<br />
New comic check it out:

you know... ifyou didn' t get
high so much you might be able
to actually DRAW your comics.
you know... if you didn' t
bitch so much you could
MAKE me a bacon
with or without wings?
Btdl' tii
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Submitted: 05/27/2010
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User avatar #84 - irapedpedobear (05/28/2010) [+] (3 replies)
i lold at first but then i comic
User avatar #9 - airguitar (05/27/2010) [-]
Dude, it may be with wings but I eat the wings sometimes and they taste like **** >=O
User avatar #236 - Alimosaka (05/28/2010) [-]
Always high, always busting a simple joke and always drawing in south park...My god I haven't seen anything more original
User avatar #53 - Eziolieksbrushie (05/28/2010) [+] (2 replies)
oh cool a shisha pipe
User avatar #189 - JustFuckOff (05/28/2010) [-]
At first, I had no clue what the **** you were doing. I thought your thingymabobber was a hose at first.
User avatar #188 - yummehMOO (05/28/2010) [-]
is that a hookah?...
User avatar #229 - angrybeaver (05/28/2010) [-]
this joke is so overplayed, it's really lost its humor.
User avatar #183 - Wichotheassasin (05/28/2010) [-]
everyone on fj seems to be getting lame
i dont even like reading comments anymore
please stop ruining this site
User avatar #181 - DoctorCool (05/28/2010) [-]
this is gay. sorry.
#125 - ChronicM **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [+] (28 replies)
Someone mind telling me how this is funny?
All this was, was a comic showing cameron as a giant douche.
There's nothing really "funny" about getting high. It doesn't make you unique that you do it, hell, most of the people here who say they smoke weed probably don't.
And the sexist jokes were never funny in the first place, why you people continue to make them is beyond me. Especially considering that there are plenty of women in this world who would rip off your dick and shove it down your throat if you told one to them.
And no, they would not make you a "sammich" afterwards.
User avatar #108 - bitchingcharizard (05/28/2010) [+] (4 replies)
hey you sir are a douche bag, not for the woman in the kitchen thing but the bong..douche
User avatar #114 to #108 - CedricDiggory (05/28/2010) [-]
that is a hookah. its different.
#67 - anonymous (05/28/2010) [+] (5 replies)
You know whats funny? Your smoking hookah and you cant get high from hookah. What a dumbs.
User avatar #68 to #67 - sarz (05/28/2010) [-]
anon. u got a lot ot learn..
tips: add vodka or gin in the place where your supose to add water, and add hash in the tobaco... done that, its pretty awesome **** .
User avatar #66 - TATTYBOJANGLES (05/28/2010) [+] (4 replies)
How can you claim to have talent if you make your comics with the south park character creater?
#58 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I did not laugh. :l
User avatar #59 to #58 - quert (05/28/2010) [-]
same here.... i don't find any of his comics funny anymore
User avatar #56 - MooshW (05/28/2010) [-]
Haha, pwned..
#13 - MarijuanaGuy **User deleted account** (05/27/2010) [-]
I would smoke with u :)
User avatar #17 - philmstud (05/27/2010) [+] (7 replies)
I wish I could get high from drinking out of the hose.
User avatar #16 - JacKnife (05/27/2010) [-]
Chhhyeahhhh, but isnt that a hoookah set? you wouldn't get high, maybe a light buzz.
User avatar #11 - TheACEofSpades (05/27/2010) [-]
OMG Cameron called me buddy :O am I famous now? :D And weed gives you better ideas for stuff, keep smoking!
#2 - deadsun **User deleted account** (05/27/2010) [-]
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