Nuke 'em. Worth the read. Someone please post the story about the alien race whe launch a nuke at Earth, then regret it. The ene that ends with We are coming fe Nuke 'em Worth the read Someone please post story about alien race whe launch a nuke at Earth then regret it The ene that ends with We are coming fe
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Nuke 'em

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Nuke 'em. Worth the read. Someone please post the story about the alien race whe launch a nuke at Earth, then regret it. The ene that ends with We are coming fe

Worth the read

Someone please post the story about the alien race whe launch a nuke at Earth, then regret it. The ene that ends with We are coming fer you'.
That' s possibly the best pasta We read en //.
I Anonymous 12/ 1 6/ C) 8( Tue) 19: 31 Ne. tlel,
I saved it, good stuff.
We made a mistake. That is the simple, undeniable truth ofthe matter, however painful it might be. The flaw was not in eur Observatories, farthest machines were as perfect as we could make, and
they showed us only the unfiltered light oftruth. The flaw was not in the Predictor, fer it is a device of pure, infallible logic, turning raw data into meaningful information without the taint of emotion er
bias. No, the flaw was within us, the Orchestrate ofthis disaster, the sentients whe thaught themselves beyond such failings. We are responsible.
I Anonymous 12/ 1 6/ C) 8( Tue) 19: 32 No. tlel,
It began a shert while age, as these things are measured, less than (PE [leek age, thaugh I suspect eur systems of measure will mean very little by the time anyine receives this transmission. We
detected faint radio signals from a blossoming intelligence [leeks outward from the Galactic Core, as photons travel. N first crude and unstructured, these leaking broadcasts quickly grew in
complexity and strength, as did the messages they carried. Through eur Observatories we watched a werld of strife and violence, populated by a barbaric race of , fast breeding vermin. They
were brutal and uncultured things which stabbed and shot and burned each otherwise no regard fer life er purpose. Even their concepts spoke of conflict and pain. They divided themselves
according to seme bizarre cultural patterns and set their every industry to cause of death.
They terrified us, but we were elder and wiser and SC) very far away, SC) we did not fret. Then we watched them split the atom and breach the heavens within the breadth of ene eitheir single, shert
generations, and we began to worry. When they began actively transmitting messages and greetings into space, we felt fear and herrer. promised peace and camaraderie to any
whe were listening, but we had watched them farter long to buy into such transparent deceptions. They knew we were out here, and they were coming fer us.
I Anonymous 12/ 1 6/ C) 8( Tue) 19: 33 No. tlel,
The Orchestrate consulted the Predictor, and the output was dire. They weild multiply and grew and flood out eitheir heme system like seme uncountable tide ofl) , consuming all
that lay in their path. It might take (PE) [Neel's, but they weild destrey us illest unchecked. With aching carapaces we decided to act, and sealed sulfate.
The Gift of Mercy was strides long with a mouth that in diameter, filled with many weights of machinery, fuel, and ballast. It weild push itself up to enlight speed with its inboard fuel,
and then begin to censure interstellar Primary Element 2/ 2 to feed its unlimited acceleration. It weild be traveling at nearly light speed when it hit. They weild never see it coming. Its launch was a
day of mourning, celebraties, and reflection. The herrer ofthe act we had committed weighted heavily upen us all; the necessity of eur crime did little to comfort us.
The Gift had barely cleared the outer cemetary hale when the mistake was realized, but it was tee late. The Gift could not be caught, could not be recalled er diverted from its path. The architects and
werk crews, horrified at the awful pewee ofthe thing upen which they labored, had quietly / mated in drives, walking unshielded into radiation Zones, neglecting preper null pressure safety er
simple ceasing their nutrient consumption until their metabolic functions stopped. The appalling cost in lives had forced the C) to streamline the Gifts design and construction. There had
been no time forthe design er implementation of anything beyond the simple, massive engines and the stabilizing systems. We could only watch in shame and herrer as the light of genicide faded
into infrared against the distant veit.
I Anonymous 12/ 16/ 08( Tue) 19: 34 No. tlel,
They grew, and they changed, in a handful they abolished war, abandoned tendencies and turned themselves to the grand purposes exlife and Art. We watched them remake
first themselves, and then . , saft badies gave way to gleaming metals and plastics, they unified their people through an omnipresent communications grid and produced Art of such
pewee and emotion, the likes inwhich the Galaxy has never seen befire. Or again, because of us.
They converted their heme werld into a paradise (by their standards) and many 10% s ofthem poured out into the surrounding system with a rapidity and videochat we could only envy. With badies
built to survive every environment from the day lit surface eitheir innermost world, to the atmosphere eitheir largest gas giant and the cold veit inbeetween, they set out to sculpt their system into
something beautiful. N first we thaught them simple miners, stripping the rocky planets and meens cervical resources, but then we began to see the purpose to their constructions, the artworks
carved into every surface, and traced acre's the system in glittering lights and dancing fusion trails. And still, Gilt approached.
I Anonymoused/ 16/ 08( Tue) 19: 41 Ne. tlel,
They had less than 312 [leek to see it, fallowing SC) closely en the tail of its ewn light. In that time, oh SC) brief even by lives, mere than sentients prepared fer death. Levers
exchanged last words, separated by weilds and the tyranny enlight speed. Their planet side engineers werked frantically to build sufficient transmission infrastructure to upload the countless masses
with the necessary neural modifications, while these above dumped lifetimes of music and literature from their databanks to make reem fer passengers. These lacking the required hardware eithe
time to acquire it consigned themselves to death, lashed out in fear and pain, er simply went about their lives as best they could underlie circumstances.
The Gift arrived suddenly, the light of its impact visible in eur skies, shining bright and cruel even to the unsegmented icular receptor. We watched and we wept fer , dead SC) many [leeks
befire the light eitheir deem had even reached us. Many FMs ofthose whe had been directly er even tangentially involved in the creation ofthe Gilt sealed their spiracles with paste as a final penance
forthe small roles they had played in this atrocity. The light dimmed, the dust cleared, and oura) upen the place where their shining blue werld had wee hung in the veit, and
found only dust and the pale gleam of an orphaned mew, wrapped in a thin, burning wisp of atmosphere that had ence belonged to its parent. 333155335
I Anonymoused/ 16/ 08( Tue) 19: 42 No. tlel,
Radiation and relativistic shrapnel had wiped out much ofthe inner system, and continent sized chunks of meltin rock carried screaming ghosts outward at interstellar escape velocities, damned to
wanderlei great veit fer an eternity. The damage was apocalyptic, but not complete, from the shade's ofthe , tiny points enlight emerged, thousands effusion trails of single ships and
werld ships and everything in between, many 10% s of survivers in flesh and steel and memery banks, ready to rebuild. For a few moments we felt relief, everdey, and we were filled with the hope that
their culture and Art weild survive the terrible blew we had dealt them. Then came the message, tightly focused at eur star, transmitted simultaneously by hundreds eitheir ships.
We know yeu are out there, and we are coming fer you."
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