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#78 - wobbles
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(06/14/2013) [-]
can someone clarify this for me? I am not American... do they want to ban all guns or what?
User avatar #96 to #78 - chiefrunnyjeans
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(06/14/2013) [-]
no, just "scary looking" semi automatic rifles. the only ones who support banning them are ignorant sheep.
#117 to #96 - hazelnuttz
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(06/15/2013) [-]
Really? Sheep? No one I've ever heard from has made a clear and solid argument as to why average citizens should need to be able to buy automatic rifles and high capacity magazines. I get not banning all guns, that's obvious, but you don't NEED to have a weapon that is capable of killing lots of people really quickly. The less of those there are around the less lives will be lost en-mass. How can anyone argue that fact?

The only argument I've heard from gun advocats is that they want to have the same, if not, more powerful weapons then the bad guys have. Well. Considering the badguys are more often then not just average citizens like you gun advocates... the irony is perfectly clear.

And if you're worried about criminal gangs getting hold of now illegal automatic rifles and going on shooting sprees, well you can rest assured that there will still be FAR LESS shooting sprees then the alternative. And in any case you'll still have your concealed hand guns etc and be able to defend yourself if you're smart about it.

Advocating for the right to buy assault rifles won't save a crowd of people from getting mowed down at a fair, or in a mall, or anywhere really. But if the gun wasn't available to begin with, far less people would be killed.

If you don't agree feel free to say why
#135 to #117 - wobbles
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(06/15/2013) [-]
banning guns for regular people is just bad.

If a criminal wants to kill someone, do you think that a gun law would stop him? Most of the worst shootings happen at gun-free zones, where are people just couldn't protect themselves with a gun.

And by the way if someone like REALLY wants to kill someone, a small revolver or a knife can be more dangerous because they are stealthy.
User avatar #133 to #117 - chiefrunnyjeans
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(06/15/2013) [-]
In the UK there was an increase in gun crimes after they banned them.
1. 30 rounds is standard capacity
2. You obviously don't know enough about guns to be having this debate
3. They are semi automatic rifles, not assault rifles. Do you get all your information from msnbc or cnn? I ask because it's all wrong.
4. Open carrying of semi automatic rifles would make shooting sprees all but extinct. If you saw law abiding citizens with guns around you would you commit a violent crime? I think not. However if they weren't it would be so much easier to murder people because they can't fight back can they?
5. Semi automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines are what keeps places like detroit safe. I should know because I live right by there. Store owners use AR-15's to shoot and kill would-be robbers.
6. Second amendment makes any argument you come up with invalid. Welcome to America. Respect all rights to the fullest extent or gtfo
#134 to #133 - chiefrunnyjeans
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User avatar #88 to #78 - thelastamerican
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(06/14/2013) [-]
It really depends. Some Americans want to ban all guns. Some want to ban only certain guns that are/have been used in warfare. Some want to ban only certain accessories that can be used with guns. Some want every citizen to be allowed to choose. Some want it mandated that every citizen be required to own a gun. Some want it mandated that every citizen is conscripted into the military for a certain amount of time when they come of age.

What it comes down to is that some people want to be left alone to take care of themselves, and some people want to take care of everyone else.
User avatar #80 to #78 - pebar
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(06/14/2013) [-]
Some people do, and they're trying...
But thankfully they will not succeed. They couldn't even get background checks for private sales through the democrat controlled senate.
*evil laugh*