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#348 - harryblazer
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(06/14/2013) [-]
>Girlfriend has a friends that is very liberal, pro women, feminazi
>I have no problem with feminism but this bitch is the type of feminisim that you guys aways complain about
>"all men are pigs, but they should still treat me like a princess, equal rights but only for me"type ********
>even my GF gets sicks of hearing her ******** rants
>one day the subject of rape comes up
>oh boy hear we go
>talks aout all the rape culture and how life is so unfair to women
>"so, worst case scenario, what would you do if someone try to attack you?"
>"well, I would use my superior mental thinking to talk my way put of it"
>"....you do realise that we're taking about a sexualr PREDATOR, right? People who are known to kill to get what they want"
>"well if properly scared im sure I could fight them off. I HAVE taken womens self defence you know"
A few weeks later she was leaving a party after some prick was flirting with her. I guess her "supeior thinking" didnt pay off cause she ended up getting the **** kicked out of her. Bad. I went out and bought my GF pic related and she loves it
User avatar #358 to #348 - navywannabe
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(06/14/2013) [-]
You are now one of my friends...way to stick with the second amendment.
#366 to #358 - harryblazer
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(06/14/2013) [-]
thanks. but it was more just to keep her safe then anything else. I'd carry smith and wesson and always worried about her safety since we took classes on the other side of campus and security here sucked. I was just happy I didnt have to convicne her to carry
User avatar #370 to #366 - navywannabe
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(06/14/2013) [-]
"thanks. but it was more just to keep her safe then anything else."
And it's people like you and I who know what the second amendment is for.
The constitution is there to keep us safe, and you took the opportunity to do that.
Random fact: Did you know the majority of suspects who have commited shootings were known Liberals?
#416 to #370 - harryblazer
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(06/14/2013) [-]
no I didnt, but Im taking criminology as one of my courses and if its taught me anything, its that there isnt a way to be 100 percent safe all the time. somtimes if you want protection you have to be willing to defend yourself. thats what I told my girlfriend before I gave her the gun and she agreed
User avatar #427 to #416 - navywannabe
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(06/14/2013) [-]
A gun is only to bring distance between you and attacker. You know that already. You're right about not always being safe though. Would you feel a little insecure in a situation, but you have a gun? Or feel hopeless without one? I would take her to the range and get her comfortable with the gun IMHO.