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#633 - discomelon
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(06/09/2013) [-]

Story time? Story time.

>starting sophomore year in high school
>be miserable and bitter from being picked on in middle school and freshman year
>hate everyone around me/ everyone around me is a douche
>months and months of this
>christmas break comes
>visit recently remarried father
>new wife hates me and sister
>have falling out with father
>sink to new depths of depression
>suddenly existential crisis
>realize how ******** this all is
>decide life is too short for this
>christmas break ends
>start getting more involved in extracurricular stuff
>turn out to have crazy good art and acting talent
>people notice
>still kindof think other people are douches
>act different/weird so as not to blend in; sing in hallways every morning; crazy hair and different style of clothing (no hair dye or any of that stupid hipster ****)
>people notice
>start getting **** for it from some people; surprising amount of people think it's cool
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Since when does hair dye make you a hipster? Lol hair dye was around before hipsters ever existed (hair dye must be a hipster). Dying your hair doesn't make you a hipster. I think the fact that you purposefully wore outfits just to be different makes you just the same as any other hipster. Hipsters are just average turds trying to be different. If you have to try to act a certain way or dress a certain way, it's not for you and not what you're really comfy with. Let's face it. You were a regular dude/girl who was momentarily depressed and discovered seeking attention could excite you. Sounds like the story of every other lame emo kid. You TRIED to stand out so people would stare at you. You asked for the negative attention. People who stand out or are different naturally don't have to try at all to be who they are.
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(06/09/2013) [-]
#645 to #644 - anon id: c0fbbbe5
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You said you acted different on purpose and wore crazy clothes on purpose. This obviously was attention seeking behavior which is very immature.
User avatar #646 to #645 - discomelon
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(06/09/2013) [-]
**** Freud, all I did was gel my hair and push myself to be more social. I don't think dying your hair makes you a hipster, when I said none of that hipster **** I meant the fake eyeglasses and scene bs.

Also, I was 16.
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(06/09/2013) [-]
When I was 16, I was in an unusually steady relationship (for a teenager) with an amazing guy I am now married to and pretty much the school Goth. (None of the cry me a river emo garbage. I'm talking about the 80's styled Goth although it wasn't the 80's.) I lived in a small religious bible belt sort of town so no matter what I did I was wrong. I didn't pay mind to those people though. It was funny seeing a 16 year old skank on her 3rd pregnancy and 25th f-buddy calling me a whore. I think I laughed the most at the kid on meth giving bj's in the bushes calling me a bitch. I really hated the little emo clique there. The funny thing now is I'm still Goth and a decently successful artist with a genius husband who builds/programs computers and apps. I check back a peep on facebook and see half of these kids are in jail, pregnant, or even dead.


High school was annoying, but could have been worse. Half of the people in my school turned up as crackheads and I didn't.
User avatar #665 to #656 - discomelon
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(06/09/2013) [-]
Hey, that's awesome; I wish you the best. I never meant that anyone who isn't enjoying high school is just whining; obviously the intense amount of ******** can put most kids through the wringer, especially in the wrong community.
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(06/09/2013) [-]
>ironically become one of most popular students in school
>get to know popular kids
>some turned out to be pretty cool; others were even worse than I'd thought
>fast forward to senior year
>new friends and old friends encourage me to join local theatre
>get involved; meet other students in theatre
>one student wants to be a director; says he wants to do this national film competition and wants me to star in his entry
>we make and enter the film with help from friends
>tracking progress
>film does alright; makes top 500
>film does well; makes top 100
>film does REALLY well; makes top 50
>holy **** top six
>fly out to Hollywood; film wins award for best acting
>give acceptance speech to tons of people
>win trophy and $25,000 scholarship
>become a hometown legend

So to anyone out there who's having trouble socially in school, don't worry; coming out of your shell can be risky and painful at times; but holy **** can it be worth it.