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#65 - SecretAsianMan **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
You can drive as fast as you want, Jason still walks faster
User avatar #69 to #65 - PedoHunter (05/28/2010) [-]
he'll still catch up no matter what
who knows
he might be inside ur car in the back seat already
#70 to #69 - SecretAsianMan **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
oh shi-
User avatar #71 to #70 - PedoHunter (05/28/2010) [-]
and then u crash soo obvious then the evil guy lives
and continues in his killing spree
#90 to #71 - brucedamoose **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
Or you light the guy on fire with gasoline and he still lives and manages to kill more people.
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