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Fappy the Dolphin

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The Dolphin Kicks Off Nationwide
School Tour
he. h March ll, 2013 my Rushing 28 Comments
New York NY - Fa myth The
Dolphin and STOP
Masturbation NOW are proud to announce
a nationwide school tour focusing on
educating both children and parents about
the dangerous consequences of
Lonnie Childs who is president and founder
Fappeh) The Dolphin seen here of Stop Masturbation Now said he is excited
speaking to children about the dangers and "
consequences of may reation. about the tour. Thanks to your tax dollars.
Fa the Antici maturbation Dolphin
kicked off his nationwide school tour at Pansy Kidd Middle School in Pottah, Oklahoma with
a bang. While there, answered questions and spoke to students about the dangers
of masturbation."
The kids just love him," said old Paul Homer who is a teacher at Pansy Kidd Middle
School. "Fappy@ makes the kids laugh and educates them at the same time. He also is quite
the dicide monster and the children just love wrestling with him. We cant wait for Fap @ to
come back next year!"
Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape," wilds told reporters. "It leads to sexual
dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease. This nationwide tour is
designed to help make children and parents aware of the dangers of masturbation in and
outside of the home. If your arms are long enough to touch your private areas, you are a
possible suspect in raping yourself." Childs continued. "God willing: one day masturbation
will be illegal."
The Dolphin and Stop Masturbation Now are federally funded
programs designed to teach children and adults about the dangers of masturbation. For a
complete list of dates and locations of this tour, click here, For more information or if you
would like to visit your child' s school please call the arbour Fappy@ Nationwide
School Tour Hotline.
I Fapple Nationwide School Tour : ] BEBE
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User avatar #3 - kyubichan
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(06/08/2013) [-]
Only in America!
#7 to #3 - puggles
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
you do get that this is a joke, right? (hoping you were being sarcastic, but you never know.)
#16 to #7 - splyt
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
oh god thank you for pointing that out i feel liek a ******* for believing it at first. i was prepared to rage so hard. i knew it looked too stupid to believe but honestly i feel liek somewhere in america we're not too far from this
User avatar #11 to #7 - kyubichan
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
Of course I'm being sarcastic! Who actually believes this ****?
User avatar #20 to #11 - puggles
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
sadly, quite a few do.
User avatar #18 - mrmuffins
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
Heh, fappy the anti masturbation dolphin was arrested for public masturbation

superofficialnews.com/fappy-the-anti-masturbation-d olphin-arrested-for-public-masturbation/
#15 - thecomkiller
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(06/09/2013) [-]
User avatar #14 - theclaymore
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
talking about fapping just makes me want to....brb ****
User avatar #13 - apellon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
Lost it at "inside and outside the home"
#12 - elfhame
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
masturbation illegal? .... they will never catch me...
#10 - hlcptr [OP]
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#9 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
i know its a joke and all, but even if it was true and masturbation did become illegal, how would they know if you were yanking it?
#17 to #9 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
KGB always knows
User avatar #8 - sparkyfoxx
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
that is a sexy suit... I wanna see someon have sex in it.
User avatar #6 - randomserb
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/08/2013) [-]
First thing I saw was "Jimmy Rustling".
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