(1) JunnyFunk. Does this still need to have any writing in it? Remember when people raged over the 5 word limit thing, what was the big deal? All you had to do  That description

(1) JunnyFunk

Does this still need to have any writing in it? Remember when people raged over the 5 word limit thing, what was the big deal? All you had to do was ******* write some stupid **** , it's not even a big deal. You know what I hate? Shrinkage. If a girl, by some miracle, wants to pipe after a get out of the pool, she's gonna see my almost inside out penis. This will probably scare her and then she won't want to have sex with me anymore. Why do we shrink? Why do boners make our dick bigger? These are the questions that keep me up at night, wondering about life and it's mysteries. Does anyone believe in the Illuminati? I don't know if I believe in it or not, there's some weird **** , and there's more than likely secret organizations who run **** . But some people make it out to be much bigger than it actually is. For instance some people think the devil is involved with it, and I don't believe in anything so I don't believe in that part of the conspiracy. Right now I should be studying for my finals. Gotta get my pencils sharpened, learn a bunch of **** I slept through while we were actually supposed to be learning it. My chemistry teacher might be getting fired. I think it's because she's an awful teacher, but it may be because we are awful students who are hard to teach. I kind of feel bad for her, I didn't think of it that way, now if she gets fired and can't find another job it will ruin her income and she'll get all ****** up, probably get addicted to heroin, fall into a slump, become homeless. Then when I'm older I'll see her on the side of the street, and give her some pocket change, and she'll recognize me and say, "you're that **** from the class that got me fired" and throw my change back into my face. Which I guess wouldn't be so bad because I would get my money back. I hate being from America. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unpatriotic, I love American sports, but I hate how Europe uses all the cool words. Like they say "bloody" to mean very. That's ******* amazing, I wish I could go around saying "wow, that's a bloody nice coat you have on" without being looked at like I have 15 penis tips. What's the medical term for a penis tip, I know the urethra is the hole, or I'm pretty sure that's what it is. But I've never heard of another word for my tip. Do you guys call the thing inbetween your nuts and ass your taint or gooch? I call it the gooch because, well I actually don't know why I call it that, it must have been what my friends said. RIP to description

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Submitted: 06/01/2013
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#3 - jbails (06/01/2013) [-]
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#8 - firuswolf (06/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
mfw description
#36 - mikeymikee (06/02/2013) [+] (4 replies)
#34 - keeponsailing (06/02/2013) [+] (2 replies)
My little brother was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago. He was 6 and had just entered 1st grade. He beat it. A month ago he was diagnosed with it again. It's come back full force and it doesn't seem like he'll be getting better.

Anyway, this made me laugh. Does that make me a bad sibling?
#6 - pappathethird (06/01/2013) [-]
mfw description
User avatar #26 - thinkwithportals ONLINE (06/02/2013) [+] (4 replies)
Hey ComicBookGuy, how long did it take you to write that description?
#22 - allion (06/02/2013) [+] (3 replies)
is this the same guy that had a really long desc yesterday?
is this the same guy that had a really long desc yesterday?
#24 to #23 - allion (06/02/2013) [-]
oh god, it's spreading
#47 - agentdoubleohio (06/02/2013) [-]
my favorite
#18 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/02/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#19 to #18 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/02/2013) [-]
User avatar #9 - zakvanloocke (06/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Neither taint nor gooch. I call it my tickle spot.
#48 - gorillaztwentyfour (06/02/2013) [+] (1 reply)
tfw I beat leukemia
tfw I beat leukemia
User avatar #15 - anonefgthree (06/02/2013) [-]
This is probably the funniest meme right now. More people should be posting it~
#46 - anonymous (06/02/2013) [-]
I really wouldn't ******* care what this guy posts, so long as he types his ramblings in the description. I'll read every damned word.
#2 - anonymous (06/01/2013) [-]
That moment you realise leukemia litterally means white blood
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