Essay on the FunnyJunk community. An essay describing trends on FunnyJunk based on observation.. For a class, I am to analyze the community of Funnyjunk and dis essay community boring
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Essay on the FunnyJunk community

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Essay on the FunnyJunk community. An essay describing trends on FunnyJunk based on observation.. For a class, I am to analyze the community of Funnyjunk and dis

An essay describing trends on FunnyJunk based on observation.

For a class, I am to analyze the community of Funnyjunk
and discuss the impact of positive reinforcement (green
thumbs) and negative feedback (red thumbs) on the
community. The thumbs is the rating system of Funnyjunk,
where users are rewarded for posting something funny, and
punishing them for not being funny. This system has evolved
into something more however. It is now used as a like and
hate system, where something doesn' t have to be funny to
be green thumbed. Something can be green thumbed if the
person found the post interesting, if they support a cause, or
to show they agree with an opinion. By showing your support
of a post with a green thumb, you' re actually encouraging
people to post more of that.
Trends in Funnyjunk follow a pretty set pattern. When the
new trend first shows up, people thumb it up because it' s
new and funny. Then other people see this and either repost
it or make slight variations. These memes are reused and
slightly changed until the community tires of them and stops
supporting these posts. After the posts stop getting the
positive reinforcement, they slowly die down in numbers
until they' re either gone ocaust another rarely seen post.
Most recent example of this is the Xbox One. People posted
the rumors and people thumbed it up because it was
interesting. People then continued to post other rumors they
heard about Xbox One. Then the people starting reading
sources where several of the rumors were denied or
unconfirmed, so they stopped thumb these posts. Now you
will still occasionally see an Xbox One post, but for the most
part, people have forgotten about it and don' t care anymore.
This will change once more info about Xbox One is released
and people find new ways to complain or make fun of it.
The impact of these thumbs creates a community where
everyone posts similar stuff. If you post something that the
majority doesn' t like, you will be thumbed down and aren' t
going to post that again. For example, Geckosandcheerios, a
user who all he did was post pictures of geckos licking
cheerios. Since he was the first to do it, and it was cute, he
was thumbed up for it and continued posting them for a
while. During this, a few copycats tried the same thing with
slight variations, and ended up with a lot of red thumbs. After
realizing they can' t get green thumbs, they stopped posting
while Geckosandcheerios continued posting with positive
results. The only reason he stopped is because he was he got
bored and stopped after one thousand comments.
The result of the Geckosandcheerios is that it shows that
the majority of Funnyjunk decides the "heroes" and losers.
Geckosandcheerios was hailed as a hero for his
determination and consistency of posting. Even though some
people were annoyed, and were very vocal about it, the
positive thumbs showed that Funnyjunk liked what he was
doing. There are many examples of this, most of which come
from a variety of users in the form of memes. There are also
users who are known for certain things, like samio for their
planet comic series. These people are usually pretty
consistent with their posts, as they are rewarded for doing it.
The user Imfunnynet was the exact opposite. For a while,
people thumbed up his content because it was funny,
ignoring the watermark and the link in the description. Once
people started learning that this person was advertising their
own site, hit content and any comments were instantly
thumbed down. Some people even went through the profile
thumbing down all content till the 24 hour limit was reached
on the user. He eventually got so much attention that he was
banned from Funnyjunk. We' re still left with a negative
association with imfunny. net, where people thumb down any
content that came from there with the watermark.
Another example of Funnyjunk shaping its own
community is the My Little Pony Fandom. These members
usually keep to their own bored and channel. When the
fandom was first taking off, they had their own channel, but
those new to the fandom would often post ponies on regular
content and outside the channel. This led to a quick thumbing
down of the comment or post. Users quickly learned that
they should only post ponies in pony content or channels or
face red thumbs.
With opinion posting, it' s a very risky business, especially
with religion or politics. Depending on who is on and what is
posted, in a debate thread, one side will often have a lot of
green thumbs and the other a lot of red thumbs. It also
depends on the original content posted. On an Atheist post, if
you post anything religious, all the atheists who clicked on
this content will thumb you down. On any gaming post, if
you post you like EA, you will be thumbed down, while people
who give you points to hate EA will be thumbed up. Very
rarely will you see a debate where both sides have valid and
well posted opinion with facts, and it shows as they both
have either close to zero or positive thumbs.
The obvious exception to these rules are anons or
anonymous . These people exist outside the community,
where they are not affected by the thumbs. These people can
post whatever they want without any consequence because
they can' t be linked back to the comment or post. With a
profile, if you have something thumbed down, you won' t be
doing it again, since it will look negatively on your profile.
Then there are people who create accounts to only get red
thumbs. These people are quickly banned from the
community and have no real lasting impact on the
In conclusion, Funnyjunk is a site that has given power to
its users. Everyone can view everything and support what
they want to see to get more of it. They can also thumb down
things in the hope that it won' t be seen again, but this is
harder to do as anons don' t actually have penalties for red
thumbs and accounts created for red thumbs don' t actually
care and just get banned. You are shaping the community
with your thumbing of content or lack of it. Beware you invite
into the community, because they will also be voting on what
they want to see, which may not be what you want to see. It
is a site for the majority, and the majority can change what
they want constantly. That is why memes rise and fall so
quickly on this site, as the majority quickly shifts its opinion
to something else.
As a final note, please tell me what you think in the
comments. I would love to hear your experiences with this
site and how thumbing has changed the content posted or
what you see.
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I looked for something to refute here... but I didn't find anything.
I looked for something to refute here... but I didn't find anything.
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You're barely scratching the surface of what Funnyjunk is, but it's a very good essay nonetheless.
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There should be a book or something about the history of funnyjunk, that goes through all the famous users, trends, rise and fall of memes, and other stuff. It would be pretty interesting in my opinion.
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where's my funny? no funny here, moving along....
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I haven't been bothered to read this, and therefore have no opinion of it.    
Keeping in trend with the internet however, I will still post in an angry manner so **** you all.
I haven't been bothered to read this, and therefore have no opinion of it.

Keeping in trend with the internet however, I will still post in an angry manner so **** you all.
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