ANd here we see. The two opposing sides of christians. Open Question Show me another 3 Atheists: What made you stop believing in God? I' m not trying to be rude
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ANd here we see


The two opposing sides of christians

Open Question Show me another 3
Atheists: What made you stop believing in God?
I' m not trying to be rude, just curious.
Why did you stop believing?
What made you stop believing?
When didyou stop?
Your opinion on Christians, Catholics, Jewish, etc.?
Have you ever disagreed with someone who believes in God?
And last question, inthere was proofread God existed would you believe?
I hope it doesnt offend you in any way, I completely accept and understand, but I' m
just curious.
Bye, anythings. f:
Sorry for so many question.
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Optional: What do you think about the crusades?
I' read the atheists answers, but they still dont know how they
and everything else on the earth, got here. Surely they dont
believe a Big Bang happened and all ofa sudden there were
people, animals, plants, trees, bugs, butteries, fruit trees, seeds,
oceans, rivers, sun and moon, do they? remain in the
dark and it will be the same in their eternal future. Darkness will
remain when God separates His adopted children (Christians)
from unbelievers (atheists). Jesus was proof as he was born of
avorain my the Holy Spirit} and actually lived and walked on this
earth for 33 years. He taught and healed every kinds of disease
and raised people from the dead, and Himself also. What more
proof do they want? Ofcourse, they didnt actually see Him but
neither have they seen George Washington Lincoln
but they believe whats written in history about them. Jesus was
here before they were andthe people at that time in history saw
Him and were healed by Him. But, we all still have that choice,
to believe or not believe. At anytimes, Ithink all will be reaching
forthe Jesus ofthe Bible to save them.
Eh: -ms aago
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Submitted: 05/26/2013
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Implying that I ever believed.
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