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#96 - senseofpurpose
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(05/27/2013) [-]
It had to be done
#111 to #96 - reaperriley ONLINE
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(05/27/2013) [-]
how in the flying **** did you post this? Every time I try to it says the userbase banned the picture. >_>
#116 to #111 - senseofpurpose
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(05/27/2013) [-]
save this specific picture and you will be able to post it as well.
I'm pretty sure DJ 4DM1N keeps a list of banned file-hashes which you can easily avoid by changing the image even to the slightest (turn 1 pixel of white into black? resize? your pick)
#110 to #96 - mewsh
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(05/27/2013) [-]
Despite Pink Pone being my favorite, this picture makes me laugh every time I see it.