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User avatar #15 - anniethreeone (05/26/2013) [-]
>put pennies into butt and begin spreading butt pennies by paying with exact change
>once butt penny craze is in full swing, move on to butt rupees
>travel to India to spread butt rupees and proceed to phase two

>use silly puddy to mould a ****** bear mask
>charge capacitor to full
>light the little dude on fire and inhale fumes for at least an hour
>you are now halucinating vividly enough to convince yourself you are an electrical bear tourist
>wield the bear claw and mask, sprawling around a busy city in India
>shock someone and when the police come, the poor animals have taken the honey in the trap. Proceed to phase three

>lure in more police by fighting the first few off with the rock
>When you have as much attention as possible, dramatically present the dog, the turkey and the duck
>the impossibly small versions of the animals will startle and bewilder the Indians
>news of the animals spreads across the country in second, stunning everyone across India. Proceed to phase three

>get some Indian food
>That **** is delicious. Proceed to phase four

>go to the Spice Vault at the heart of the Indian capital. All the world's Indian food gets its spices here
>break the trigonometry based lockdown code using the protractor
>siphon the power of Batman from the Batman Pez candies and steal all spices
>become world's only supply of delicious Indian food
>play with gameboy games and woodchip while you enjoy your new empire
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