Help me out FJ. That's all, help me or don't.. No this isn' t thumb whoring, I' m just being a bitch and asking for advice, so if we don' t want to help just cl
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Help me out FJ

That's all, help me or don't.

No this isn' t thumb whoring, I' m just being a bitch and asking for advice, so if we don' t want to help just click that right
arrow and don' t bother.
so here' s how it is, my dad only ***** en me. No I don' t think we get it, yeu' re probably thinking to yourself; "arhh
he' s just being a dad, and yeu' re just being a teenager." No, he literally (however net physically) only ***** en me, no matter
the outcome of my choices, no matter which choice I make, he always ***** en me. Here' s a prime example, when I was
fifteen, I came out to him, no nut of the closet, of the... well I' m nut sure what the term would be, the barracks? yeah
that' s it. I told him I was joining the Marine Corps. I know right, good for me going and becoming something! Well
apparently not, rather than the "wow I' m so proud of my son, he' s is going to earn the title of Marine!" I got "Heh, I guess
yeu' re net gona be a businessman..." as well as a chorus of "that' s all we want to do with your life?" and a few "why the hell
would we do that' s?" He also hates my (no relation to him) who happens to be my best friend and full
supporter morally, and I live with him whenever school' s net en.
At the end of the line I really don' t actually care that he ***** en my life choices, but he could at least net be so scornful
about everything I do and never acknowledge the good things. I recently have been net only en top, but ahead of my
schoolwork, while at the same time my entire class is getting overwhelmed by the stupidities of bad teacher, and rather
than saying "good job en net ******* this upi" because yes I would like to hear something relatively close to being positive.
He' s either ignored my talking about schoolwork and how I' m staying en top of things, er telling me to go do some work er
net to **** up. He then criticizes me about net having a job at the moment, but he' s the ene who won' t let me get a job
during school. There is literally just no pleasing him and the only reasen we don' t break out into argument and sooner er
later me kicking his fat ass (l' m a full head weer him, in great shape while he' s fat, and am a boxer and athlete overall), is
because we' re living at my grandma' s and I don' t want to put her through that. Oh and he' s also the kinda guy who gets
home from a 4 hour lunch, smoking cigars with his buddies, sits down in front of his computer, smoke some more cigars,
and have no human contact. If there' s something slightly out of the usual he can' t mentally deal with it, and he has
absolutely no talents other than making maney en his computer, this is actually why my mom left him, I men he literally
can' t even figure out what' s wrong with the Ly when it' s simply en another input.
Really I don' t even want a ******* compliment, that just sounds partylike, I just want to tell him to shut the **** up every
now and then, but I respect my elders so I tend to be a lil' more polite than that to him. I want him to let me be my ewn
************* man rather than try to mold me into a reflection of him; a selfish, corrupt, , never walked outside
barefoot, office locked cunt. I can' t really deal with him as well as I used to considering I haven' t actually had to deal with his
**** weer the past six years (he sent me to boarding school at Ll), so I' m just looking for some advice, do I confront him
about being a dick to me even though I know he' ll just end up blaming it en me? Do I just nut up and deal with it for ene
more month? Should sameone else tell him about the situation since maybe him seeing that others think he might be a
******* might make him more prone to listening? I just don' t know any more Funnyjunk, and I' m asking for your advice.
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#3 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
What I would advise you to do is to distance yourself from him. Don't talk to him about your day, don't tell him what is going on. Just start to pretend he doesn't exist. When you get to a situation where you can support yourself, and live your own life without depending on your parents then confront him about it, and give him the option of changing or getting out of your life.
User avatar #2 - RevengeNL (05/25/2013) [+] (3 replies)
he sounds like a nice guy
if you don't agree kill yourself
User avatar #4 to #2 - italianfrosttroll (05/25/2013) [-]
I am quite butthurt good sir.
#1 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [-]
Go slit your wrists.
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