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#7 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Tattoos are so ******* stupid. It's just a cry for attention, it's basically like saying "ASK ME ABOUT MY TATTOO! ******* LOOK AT IT! I NEED CONSTANT ATTENTION! ******* ASK ME ABOUT IT ALREADY! I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE TATTOO! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" ******* attention whores... it's also extremely unprofessional. If someone walked into a job interview for me with a visible tattoo I would send them right out. Not even going to waste my time with that immature **** .
User avatar #70 to #7 - beefkakes (05/26/2013) [-]
Anon is just some scared pussy who posted as anon because he knows he would be flamed.
User avatar #48 to #7 - ishouldplayzelda (05/25/2013) [-]
dear faggot

i have always wanted a tattoo, but i have never wanted one where it's easily visible. i am going to get it for my own enjoyment when i figure out what i want to get.

sincerely me
#50 to #48 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
You don't want it to be visible because you're ashamed of it and you should be. You should hide it from the real world because it's immature to have.
User avatar #100 to #50 - ishouldplayzelda (05/26/2013) [-]
actually it's because i hate showing off. i've been making sculptures since a few years ago but i've had to get people to convince me to post photos on facebook instead of just letting them sit in boxes which is what i would do if i didn't have friends. it's called humility, and no you can't but it anywhere
#95 to #50 - tehpwnz (05/26/2013) [-]
i want to get my penis tattooed like a space shuttle and my balls tattooed like launch exaust, but i bet that just sounds "immature" to you
#96 to #95 - Absolute Madman (05/26/2013) [-]
It sounds extremely immature yes. And stupid and pointless and painful and just not worth it. Many ands.
#47 to #7 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Your logic:
Some anons are retarded faggots.
Thus, all anons are retarded faggots.
Thus, you're a retarded faggot.
So am I.
#46 to #7 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Poor attempts at trolling are so ******* stupid. It's just a cry for attention, it's basically like saying "THUMB DOWN MY POST! ******* LOOK AT IT! I NEED CONSTANT ATTENTION! ******* REPLY SO THAT I CAN CALL YOU A FAGGOT AGAIN! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" ******* attention whores... it's also extremely unprofessional. If someone walked into a job interview for me and started trolling I would send them right out. Not even going to waste my time with that immature **** .
User avatar #23 to #7 - myrtille (05/25/2013) [-]
40% of people aged 20 to 50 have a tattoo
good luck with that
#30 to #23 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
40% of people aged 20 to 50 are obviously complete idiots.
User avatar #31 to #30 - myrtille (05/25/2013) [-]
just saying
get used to that number growing and not being able to hire anyone because they all have tattoos
User avatar #15 to #7 - stunning (05/25/2013) [-]
stop getting so angry no one cares
#8 to #7 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
lol, hypocrite.
#10 to #8 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
What the **** are you talking about you stupid **** head? I have no tattoos dumbass... Nor would I ever get one.
#9 to #8 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
I'm not quite sure you know what hypocrisy is, yeah the above anon is going apes hit over nothing but unless he himself has tattoos, what he said isn't hypocricy
User avatar #56 to #9 - zorororonoa (05/25/2013) [-]
He may be referring to the part where he says tattoos are immature, while being extremely immature.
#11 to #9 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
There's two possibilities here.

He's either retarded enough to actually believe what he just said.


He's trolling, which in itself is just a cry for attention.
#12 to #11 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
I'm not trolling, i'm being completely serious. It's not retarded, it's the truth. This is how the real world is. Tattoos are immature and unprofessional. Two people with the same resume but one has a tattoo, the one without the tattoo will get the job.
#22 to #12 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
what if its in a tattoo shop? then the guy with the tattoos is more likely to get the job. your just very closed minded
#41 to #22 - comanderspy (05/25/2013) [-]
your example is so 			*******		 retarded. its like saying from 2 guys that have the same experience, one of them had an operation, the one with the operation gets to be a doctor.
your example is so ******* retarded. its like saying from 2 guys that have the same experience, one of them had an operation, the one with the operation gets to be a doctor.

#32 to #22 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Yeah the scum jobs is where you can get a job with a tattoo more easily. Real jobs you don't want a tattoo.
#40 to #32 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
well there is a very well of lawyer who is covered apart from his head and neck yet he is earning more than you ever will it shouldn't matter what tattoos you get as long as you have the skills to do your job well
#16 to #12 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
Maybe in the past, but now people are way more accepting of tattoos, piercings, etc. Many of my managers and co-workers have tattoos. Obviously you can't have a ******* skull tatted on your forehead, but what I would call the more "mature" or "professional" tattoos aren't really looked down upon at all anymore.

The subject matter of the artwork (because that's what it is) is highly relevant. So to say that all tattoos are unprofessional/purely for attention is an incredibly ignorant and untrue statement to make.

It's their body, they can do whatever they want with it. It's a form of expression, an extreme one, but it's hardly any different than what you wear, talk like, how you style your hair, etc. And as long as you keep everything within reason, dismissing someone on the basis of having a tattoo or not is incredibly retarded.
#17 to #16 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
You guys love to post that stupid ass picture of the redneck doctor, big ******* deal. I don't give a **** . He still looks unprofessional and I would not like him to be my doctor. Still to this day someone without any stupid piercings or tattoos is more likely to get a job compared to someone who has tattoos and piercings if they have the same qualifications. They should be looked down upon. What kind of an idiot permanently injects ink into their skin? That's just ******* stupid. There are better ways to express yourself and less permanent ways. Get a hair cut or wear clothes that do it. Do not mutilate your skin. It is very different. Getting a tattoo in the first place is incredibly retarded.
User avatar #24 to #17 - myrtille (05/25/2013) [-]
how would you even know if you can't see the tattoos?
#35 to #24 - myrtille has deleted their comment [-]
#33 to #24 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
If I ever found out I would change my doctor. Only in a life or death situation would I want this person to help me. Most of the time i'm preferring someone who isn't an idiot with tattoos.
#36 to #33 - myrtille (05/25/2013) [-]
Are you logging into an account or something to thumb yourself up?
I don't even care if you deny it.
Anyway, you could have already been treated by a tattooed doctor
what if your favorite doctor has a tattoo?
what if he cured your cancer? you still wouldn't recommend him?
#38 to #36 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Yeah basically. I don't care if he's my favorite and cured me. I do not associate with idiots with tattoos. I like to associate with mature people, not immature people who get tattoos. OHHH A SHARK! I'M GONAN GET DIS ONE ON MY ANKLE! IT'LL LOOK BADASS!
User avatar #42 to #38 - myrtille (05/25/2013) [-]
Well, then you're just a ****** person. I hope something good happens to you so you won't be so bitter toward a certain type of person.
#19 to #17 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
Cool for you I guess. But keep in mind you're using the same mindset of someone who is either racist or homophobic. For all you know, he could be a good doctor. Didn't you ever learn not to judge a book by its cover?

Now it's more about looking professional when looking for a job. You can look professional with tattoos and piercings, you just have to be smart about it.

I'm sorry, but who are you to tell people what they can and can't do with their body?
#21 to #19 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
People with tattoos deserve to be judged because they obviously make horrible life choices. They're making the wrong decisions that's the problem. Or they could just not ******* get them and then not have to worry about that. Much easier.
#27 to #21 - hellfiazz (05/25/2013) [-]
Because this doctor has gone so low, he came out with a degree in chemistry and is now saving lives.
#37 to #27 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
He would have been better of getting that degree and not getting tattoos. He probably had a difficult time finding a job especially as a doctor.
#99 to #37 - hellfiazz (05/26/2013) [-]
Who cares whether the guy has got ink in his skin? Tattoos are not debilitating; people with them can work just as well as those without.
#101 to #99 - Absolute Madman (05/26/2013) [-]
It's just so stupid and pointless. It's a waste of time. There is no need to mutilate your skin like that. You want to express yourself? Wear a ******* shirt.
#26 to #21 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
And we're back to trolling. Anyone with half a brain cell can see how ignorant that mindset is.
#34 to #26 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
Anyone with half a brain cell wouldn't inject ink into their skin permanently. That's just stupid.
#39 to #34 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
...Why? Were you like molested by someone with a bunch of tattoos when you were younger?
#51 to #39 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2013) [-]
No it's just stupid to do that. Who the **** injects ink into their skin? Like really... just listen to that. Injecting INK into their ******* skin.
#55 to #51 - sxxxxxxx (05/25/2013) [-]
It's safe... You call it injecting ink, I call it artwork. You're putting a work of art on your body. Sounds fine with me and obviously many others.
#66 to #55 - Absolute Madman (05/26/2013) [-]
It's not art. It's mutilating your body like a dumbass.
#97 to #66 - sxxxxxxx (05/26/2013) [-]
Yeah, except it's not. Stop trolling like an anon bitch.
#102 to #97 - Absolute Madman (05/26/2013) [-]
Mutilate - to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts:

Except it is. You are disfiguring your skin and making it imperfect. Also it is irreparably because it is permanent.
#18 to #17 - sxxxxxxx has deleted their comment [-]
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