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#4 - floraa (05/24/2013) [-]
#98 to #4 - anonexplains (05/24/2013) [-]
Sorry, but what's the joke? The title of the games or the quality of the games (which I would agree, but I thought people generally liked the 3rd one)?
User avatar #103 to #98 - floraa (05/24/2013) [-]
when the sims 4 was announced, everyone made fun of how you could basically re-create their new logo on microsoft powerpoint. Then this happened.
#99 to #98 - anonexplains (05/24/2013) [-]
Ok, so I used my brain and googled Sims 4. I didn't know there was a 4th one coming and thought the title for that one was also invented. So I guess the joke is the title.
#96 to #4 - anonexplains (05/24/2013) [-]
Sim City? More like Sim ****** !
User avatar #106 to #96 - lillamy (05/24/2013) [-]
That's not Sim City
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