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#167 to #123 - explosivelightning
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i dont ever think he was labeled as a bad guy, well he was, but it was kind of like how many religious extremists think the gays are bad, they are different in their ideals and they hate them for it so they label them as bad so others will hate them/him. Lucifer didnt accept it when god said that humans were superior to angels, so he tried to overthrow him, and thats why they call him evil.
only religious pic i ever want and need
User avatar #226 to #167 - captainfuckitall
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(05/23/2013) [-]
That's not what Satanists claim, though. Nor does it make any sense, considering when you die in the christian mythology, you become an angel (hence why it's seen as a higher form of evolution)
User avatar #131 to #123 - instalation
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Have you ever played a game where you assume a "god" character, like Sims or even something like Minecraft with villager spawns? He was probably bored.