burger time. Grilling season is almost heeeerrrrrrrreeeeee.. Where do you even find a bun so wimpy?
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burger time

Grilling season is almost heeeerrrrrrrreeeeee

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Submitted: 05/22/2013
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#276 - anonymous (05/28/2013) [-]
Why the **** would you ruin it with that sloppy chilli **** ?
#272 - anonymous (05/23/2013) [-]
just put on 4 kilos
#268 - iamnotacleverman (05/23/2013) [-]
Wimps, THIS is a burger.
#263 - lemleet ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
where do you people get so unnaturally looking cheese. it's way too yellow. doesn't look good at all. but the meat is neat

#267 to #263 - nargogh ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
There are many different kinds of cheese, some of which are agressively yellow, bronze, red...
User avatar #262 - andovaredoras (05/23/2013) [-]
The ratio seems..off..
#258 - anonymous (05/23/2013) [-]
ewwwwwww! that looks ******* gross! Im sorry, but i need to puke right n-......ow! Buø!
User avatar #260 to #258 - paintedgorilla (05/23/2013) [-]
Vegan fag detected.
#257 - basham (05/23/2013) [-]
**basham rolled a random image posted in comment #5 at Same comments, ALL the time. ** He should have put the onion rings ON the burger.
#254 - nitsuan (05/23/2013) [-]
My taste buds say yes, but my arteries are screaming for mercy
#250 - kakkahakkaaja ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #249 - mutzaki (05/23/2013) [-]
This reminds me of a bacon explosion.
I'd add chopped up, crispy bacon in the middle, personally.
#248 - blackbolta (05/23/2013) [-]
Oh yay, yet another delicious dish that i can't afford.
#247 - sometimeswefuck (05/23/2013) [-]
that meat is so red and nice...
User avatar #246 - rayeslegend (05/23/2013) [-]
I first thought that this was some Burger-Styled Sushi and the green stuff on top of it was Wassabi
#238 - mraye (05/23/2013) [-]
My arteries just panicked.
User avatar #237 - derpycheezenizle (05/23/2013) [-]
We call it the "Heart Attack".
#236 - freenarative (05/23/2013) [-]
I feel sorry for you Americans. No I'm not bad-mouthing you nor am I using hyperbolie; I genuinely do feel sorry for you. EVER American I know who has ever tried English bacon has said that it is the best. It's 3X wider that those laces that you call rashers. It is thicker and we smoke some of ours so it has added flavour. Pic is smoked back bacon.
#265 to #236 - wahiti (05/23/2013) [-]
Our bacon is cured and smoked too. It's from the belly and has more tasty fat. The little "handles" on the bottom of the rashers from your picture is the beginning of the belly and basically a small piece of american-style bacon. The meaty part is the loin, which is one of the most popular cuts of pork for dinner in the US (pork chops!) which is probably why it doesn't get made into bacon.
#242 to #236 - creepyunclebob (05/23/2013) [-]
We don't call them rashers.
#245 to #242 - freenarative (05/23/2013) [-]
No? A rasher is the dictionary definition for a slice of bacon. As I am always willing to learn something new; May I ask you what you do term them?
#252 to #245 - anakx (05/23/2013) [-]
We usually just refer to a slice of bacon as a slice of bacon.
User avatar #241 to #236 - HarvietheDinkle (05/23/2013) [-]
I'm an American and I hate American bacon.

wwaaaayyyyy too dry and thin.
#243 to #241 - freenarative (05/23/2013) [-]
Don't get me wrong, the world works better with variety but some things are just better IMHO. We have better bacon, you have better BBQs'
User avatar #240 to #236 - PubLandlord (05/23/2013) [-]
Amen brother
User avatar #233 - ompalomper (05/23/2013) [-]
this is food porn
#232 - dalgaard ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
Desc. = Pathetic. Grilling season is all year around.

Also how the **** do you get that plastic thingy, is it custom made or can you buy somewhere?
User avatar #234 to #232 - tankthejackal (05/23/2013) [-]
it can br bought
#235 to #234 - dalgaard ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
Well I was more looking for an answer to where I could buy it, but okay.

And no worries. I found it ^^
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