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#152 - manirock
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(05/22/2013) [-]
>Be me
>22 years old liiving in small town
>8:00 PM two days ago
>Hot as **** in my dad's attic
>Sweating underneath my fedora
>Towel cape is sticking to my back
>Dorito bags and Mountain Dew cans scattered about
>PWNING newbs on halo reach xbox live
>One of my teammates quits
>Oh **** it's time to shift into overdrive
>My scuba mask starts to fog up
>Can feel acne forming on my face and back
>It's been a 3 day marathon with no shower
>BO has made attic unapproachable to everyone but me
>Tornado siren goes off
>**** it my Xbox needs me
>Get nervous and hug my anime pillow real tight
>Dad calls up for me to come downstairs due to siren
>Can't quit game because I've been banned too many times for quitting already
>If I stay in spawn I'll get killed and that'll **** up my kill/death ratio
>Dad said we have to go across the street to the local men's health and fitness club because they have a basement
>But dad that place sucks and I don't want to walk there
>"Don't worry son, it's fun to stay at the YMCA"