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I may buy a PS4 eventually but not until it's been out for a year or so and prices drops have started. Pretty much every game is available on PC anyways and I didn't build my PC just to type essays. Honestly it seems like the more they add to consoles, the more they essentially become your regular everyday computer with a different OS. I feel like eventually that's all they will be, just a new "desktop" computer put out by Sony and Microsoft every once in awhile. Eventually to keep improving they will have to just match up with computers and with the price it would make more sense to just sell it as an all in one "gaming" and "computer". The average person, lets say a college student, who does a lot of gaming but also needs a new computer for school would probably have no problem buying this combined option. Only difference would be that it would use a controller versus a keyboard for just about You need to login to view this link computer may not have voice control, nor do i want that, but it does all the multimedia stuff I could ever need. I can already play any game that will be coming out on max settings so why bother buying a new console right away.