Might work (or not). This might be crazy enough to work... or not. You will either get killed and/or arrested for this. Also: Don't try this at home! Tags are t
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Might work (or not)

This might be crazy enough to work... or not. You will either get killed and/or arrested for this.
Also: Don't try this at home!

Tags are tags.

No guarantee, that this will Ivor}: or that
you stay alive before, during" or after
the process!!!)
How to make 5. 000.
Should also work for Collars and Yen)
Find your local Italian mafia Branch
l in
Ask the Don to lend you 10. 000.
Protip: wait for the wedding of
one of his children to find him
in a good mood)
Find your local Russian mafia branch
You should ‘invest? about 2. 000. in
their 'business'. That should give you
their protection for a lifetime, also
you should be able to use their
contacts to
Protective measures'
You guessed damn right!
You‘ ll need something to
protect your ass from the Italian
mafia, when they come back: to
collect the money they lend you
with interest)
The Russian mafia should have the
best everywhere.
So they should also be able to
order something sweet for you:
with your B. OOA. left you should
be able to buy a tank. Buy a nice one for
around 3. 000. nice
Leopard's should be possible at this point!)
whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
when the time comes and the Italians try
to take your money (or your life):
**** THEM! YOU have a ******* tank!
They have knifes? BOOM! No knife!
They have guns? BOOM! No guns!
They have explosives? You have
the most brutal and most aggressive
Mafia (Russian) on your side.
You have, just made 5. 000. without the, need
to work for it. Buy something nice.
who should stop you? You have, the, Russian mafia
behind you. also you have, ******* tank.
Enjoy your life?
Also you shouldn' t sleep alone.
You know?
Italian mafia has some nice assassins}
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Submitted: 05/20/2013
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User avatar #5 - naerthru (05/25/2013) [-]
i tried it, it worked for me . thnx . i am a ******* millionaire
User avatar #4 - kosicandavid (05/21/2013) [-]
I really don' t think that Russian mafia would like to go to the war with Italian mafia just because some guy had give them 2.000 000 euros. Most probably the Russian guys will take those money and give you back to Italian guys for some reward and for good relationships with them. So the Russian mafia have money you have stolen from Italian guys and also their friendship because they have ,,catch you and give you back to them" and Italian mafia have you and you don' t have any money. Your ass is going to get medieval times buddy...
#3 - nkoreancitizenlol (05/21/2013) [-]
gl hf
#2 - software (05/21/2013) [-]
taking out the italian mafia
>don't have to work
User avatar #1 - remsaman (05/21/2013) [-]
you gotta get out of the tank some time.
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