A+. some story i found on amys baking companies facebook page. i remember i came in a few weeks before the whole fleisch regarding kitchen nightmares and before schnitzel von tr
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some story i found on amys baking companies facebook page

i remember i came in a few weeks before the whole fleisch regarding kitchen nightmares
and before i walked in there were a few people who came up to me raving about the
place. now, these people were obviously dirty and looked homeless, but never i didn' t
mind because they were insanely happy at the food and claimed to have gotten it for free.
so going in i was in high spirits hoping to get a great meal at a great price. as i walked in,
i was greeted by samy, he was extremely nice and showed me to my table. i asked where
the servers were and he said "don' t you worry, it' s , i take care ofyou, now what can i
get you to drink?" I replied water since i' m on a diet and samy gave me such an ugly look
that he began to speak in another language, i believe using slurs, and walked away. while
samy left, I looked through the menu deciding what to order. within seconds, he came
back and put the water on my table and proceeded to spit in it in front of me and said "its
ow now what do you want to eat?" i told him the fig pear prosciutto pizza sounded
great and he grabbed my menu and said "i be back ?" minutes later, he returned with a
NEE that looked like it hadn' t even been tossed in the oven and said "you eat." then he
left and i was skeptical ofthe piar obviously because it looked undercooked. i still tried it
and i was right, most of it was extremely doughy. i called samy over to tell him and he
asked f everything was , i told him about the dough and pizza possibly being
undercooked. he took it back and all i heard was amy making odd cat noises and finish by
saying i was wrong and that they' ll take it offere menu. he said "no amy, its , ?" then
he came out of the back and completely lost it, possibly at the hand (or paw} of his wife.
he told me that i didn' t know how to eat food correctly and while it is true i did come out
ofa 12 year coma shortly before i walked in, i was shocked he knew. regardless though, i
asked samy f he would take it back and he threw the pizza in my face and said "don' t ****
me with me, i **** with you. i **** YOU! OK!" samy proceeded to take me by my hand
and pulled me away from the table, only to bend me over and by force, proceeded to have
his way with me in front of the restaurant. he said "SEE YOU DENT **** ME I ****
vow!" after this was over, he said "you pay now and GET THE **** DUN!" i then handed
all the money i had in my wallet, pulled my pants up and left pretty embarrassed. overall
this place would get a 4/ 5, the atmosphere was absolutely great and the water was
mindblowing. i' ll probably return someday ifhm down there someday.
Amy' s Baking Canine my Bakery Bootie me E Bistro
French restaurant
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Al thats the best thing i' ever read
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Wow, that's a ******** of words, Shakespeare.
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