anon cares.. not mine, just sharing. MI File: 136890804648% (35 KB, , tumblr_ , jpg) 4 posts emitted. Click here to view. lgs to work yesterday. my girlfriend w
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anon cares.

not mine, just sharing

MI File: 136890804648% (35 KB, , tumblr_ , jpg)
4 posts emitted. Click here to view.
lgs to work yesterday. my girlfriend works there, and she is a hostess. walk in, she ignores me and is flirting with a buff, tall, mexican dude. She completely
ignores me, and i start my shift.
ttell her, we NEED to M the phone. Shes like, Isl ? Not really caring at all. So i gs to stack dishes, i work in a restraunt dishwashing btw. And i
hearths cooks saying, "You new kid with holes in his ears? Yea hes ******* crazy." So pretty ******* pissed about that. Finish work. Go ask
about my pay forthe week, and find out that its being help anotherfjer because paperwork messed up. extremely pissed now. I gs outside sit M the
bench. Girlfriend walks ever and says whats wrong? Nothing is the answer ofcorse, And she says . and walks back inside to talkes her mexican butt buddy.
At this point ******* furious. Due to the fact she didnt really look at me, talkes me, er even hug me. Call her M the phone otherthan night. shes Isl SUP?
What did you want? And diesnt even really see the point i was truly mad. I end up breaking up ith her, and find out, her msm, grandma, and herself have
been saying bad things about me, the whole damn time we have been tegether. finding out -why SC) many people in my specific town dsnt like me. ******* 2
faced bitch.
care ifi misspell stuff. and picture unrelated.
Anonymous es: ) (/ 13( Sat) : 30 No. 480998630
Dent care if you misspell stuff, OP? Why not use coupons in a drive thru, OP? How about you just lead the jews up in trains and take them to the death camps, yeu ******* nazi. Umbrellas inside?
Sure, why not, you ******* fagget humper. Marry a dog, why dent you, or live on the bottom of the ocean with your kiddie pron and baked icescream. Who needs funerals when we can just stack
corpes in the street and fist each other in the ass? No more babies or birthday cake fer us! Just some sweet ole , communism. Sweet mother kfjesus christ, ()?You
sicken me.
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Submitted: 05/18/2013
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#2 - xxxsonic fanxxx (05/18/2013) [-]
He didn't spell corpses right, ohh the irony!
User avatar #1 - barryisme (05/18/2013) [-]
i suppose this is kinda funny.. but the original guy was a huge complaining puss...just sayin...
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