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#411 - sketchysketchist
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(05/18/2013) [-]
This could be a better meme.
Why not, ******* Excuse Amy.
The food isn't raw! It's just fresh.
I'm a good cook! You're just a bad eater!
**** YOU! Don't get mad at me, I'm just expressing myself!
If you have nothing good to say. You're wrong and lying!
I made those cakes! I packaged them myself!
I'm not saying I'm perfect. You're just wrong if you say I'm not!
I did not add to much sugar! Your body just doesn't produce enough insulin!
You're just a hater! God hate haters!
My facebook was hacked! But I agree with the hacker and will continue his work.
We'll reopen when we've improved! That'll take only a few weeks.
Chef Ramsey is not a good chef and knows nothing. All his restaurants and credentials are fake!
So what if I cursed you, wished you death, stole your identity, and tried to ruin your food on purpose! I'M A GOOD PERSON!!!

And the list can go on.