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Another trick the British pulled was when they developed the Airborne Interception Radar, it allowed them to detect Germen bombers that would try to arrive under the cover of night.

The Germens became suspicious, and the British didn't want them to know that they had this technology, lest they utilize it themselves or find ways around it.

So through the media British intelligence spread the rumor that carrots improve eyesight, and that they had an amazing Flight Lieutenant manning the defenses dubbed 'Cat Eyes' and that he ate so many carrots that he gained night vision. And that all their defense and pilots ate these carrots. The news got back to the Germens, and so everyone thought the British's secret was carrots, and they never considered the Radar
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cool story brah...

I got one for you too:
They conducted chemical experiments with me and when you swallow my semen you dick grows to be 8 or more inches long!
If women swallow my semen their boobs grow to be C's and bigger!
they also become way more attractive and their hair, eyes and skin become more radiantly beautiful!
Its a win win situation!
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And all this time I've been eating carrots in the hopes my eyes will improve...My life is a lie.
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Carrots do actually improve eyesight, but not to the point of fully-fleged night vision, they contain beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A; an extreme lack of vitamin A leads to blindness, thus eating carrots does improve your vision a bit, only if you haven't had mountains of vitamin A recently.
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That's amazing.