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#147 - danielscqro
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(05/18/2013) [-]
What in the Lord's name hast thou accused me of, you mangy cur? I take it upon myself to inform thee I completed mine service as a Crusader in a position of leadership, and personally spited at the very least three-hundred moslems upon my lance alone. I was taught powerful forms of combat in strange lands beyond Egypt by immensely hairy blacks and I be the greatest knight in all of Britannia! Thou art nothing to me but another knave to be stuck down. I shall remove thee from the King's lands with skill none hath ever witnessed in all of God's creation, mark my blasted words. Thou believe you may escape unharmed after uttering such vile phrases to me via magical pigeon? Ye may wish to rethink, oaf. As we converse, I am calling upon my network of allies all across Britain, and your coat of arms is being delivered to me at this very moment, so it would be best for your continued survival if you prepared for the firestorm to be delivered to your doorstep, worm. The sort of firestorm that would decimate the insignificant, worthless thing thee refers to as your life. Thou art as dead, child. I am capable of relocating mineself anywhere, anytime, and I am well versed in more than seven hundred different forms of killing, and that be with mere fisticuffs. Not only am I gargantuanly trained in such modes of combat, but I additionally am permmitted access to the entirety of our liege the King's armies and am sure to make full use of it to remove your stain upon our great nation, thou filthy pig. If only thee had the sense to fathom what hellfire thine witty remark would surely bring upon you, and now thee will feel the retribution, you damnable fool. I will deficate divine fury upon you and thou will drown in it. Ye be doomed, peasant.

>Implying it wouldn't be freakin' awesome to be a crusader