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Sweden's political system is quite complex so I will give it a short run-through before proceeding with this somewhat amusing fact. If you are still confused, use google.

In sweden, every four years the people vote on a political party to represent them in the "riksdag".
Any party with 4% of the votes or more will be allowed to represent the people in the riksdag, but the more votes a party get, the more people they have sitting there. A few years back, one of those parties was named the piracy party, which wanted to make online piracy leagal, but was neutral in every other question. Needless to say, the party wasn't able to get into the riksdag next election.

However, every party in the riksdag (except for the most recent party) has one or more representatives in the EU, depending on their influence.

However, despite not being part of the riksdag, the piracy party has two representatives, while the party know as the christian democrats, (For amerifags, they are basicly sweden's version of very religious republicans.) which is still in the riksdag, only has one representative.

TL;DR- Sweden had a party which supported online piracy, and while it's no longer one of sweden's top parties, it has more influence in the EU than sweden's christian party which is one of the top ones.