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User avatar #5 - blacksmithgu
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(05/16/2013) [-]
Is organic food good for you? Sure.
If non-organic food terrible for you? No. Fast food certainly is, but the standard salad or meat you get at a grocery store which doesn't have that wonderful "100% organic" label on it is not bad for you; most of it is either genetically modified to grow more quickly (and contrary to popular belief, that does not decrease the quality or edibility of the food) or in the case of animals, hormonal additives which must cease anywhere between 30 - 180 days prior to slaughter. The only reason non-organic food would be bad for you is if additives are added post slaughter (like unhealthy fats and greases, aka fastfood), or if the people raising the non-organic food are breaking federal law by the FDAA. Or its cafeteria food. Who knows what they do with that...

People who so dramatically advocate organic food as so wonderful while villanizing commercial-level food products seem far too biased for me.
User avatar #45 to #5 - motherfuckingkenji
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(05/17/2013) [-]
And **** the people who think anything GMO is bad.
People don't have a problem with it if genetic engineers tinker with the DNA of a virus or something to make a vaccine, do they? "I'm a diabetic that's against genetic engineering." Then where the **** do you think they get your insulin, asshole?
I know everyone already knows this, but people suck and I hate them.
User avatar #14 to #5 - infinitereaper
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(05/17/2013) [-]
Processed foods have a huge amount of issues, today we have only a small amount of slaughter houses and they are fed stuff that isn't exactly... booming in the health department. Of course quality varies, and some things aren't so bad, but eh... You are what you eat, ah... whatever.

I could really get into this whole food inc thing, but frankly, no one gives a ****, and no one believes there is anything wrong with modern day society, so **** it.

Everything can degrade towards the inevitable dystopia.
#12 to #5 - kingpongthedon
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(05/17/2013) [-]
It's not that non-organic is bad, necessarily, but that organic is better. The only reason I care is that organic fertilizers tend to be much better than the standard NPK fertilizers that are industry standard. Organic fertilizers typically replace more than just these three elements, which means better tasting food with higher nutrient densities. Stronger flavors lead to satisfaction quicker meaning you'll be eating less in the long run. A lot of "junk food" companies do the exact opposite. For example, Doritos are engineered so that they have no distinct spike in their flavor spectrum (I know it sounds like a made-up term), so you don't ever feel fully satisfied, which is why you can eat an entire bag and still be hungry despite having just inhaled hundreds of calories.