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Well, it is significantly more work to produce organic food, so that is one reason for the price markup. I'm not saying that there aren't people getting awfully rich by selling expensive organic food, but "conventional" food companies like Kratt Foods or Nestle aren't exactly poor either.

And no, I don't believe that all organic food is automatically better. But when I buy food, I have a pretty good idea of which food is probably going to be healther in its organic version. If you use just the inside of a pumpkin, then you don't need an organic pumpkin. If you use the whole thing, you're better of with an organic one, because the pesticides do build up in the outer layers. Non-organic meat does contain antibiotics (which is one big reason for the growing antibiotics resistence in bacteria) and hormones (which is theorized as one reason for why girls reach puberty earlier nowadays). Organic meat does not always taste better, but at least the best chicken (by far) that I have ever eaten was organic. So your mileage may vary greatly, and the higher price is not always justified.