Weapon Troll. . fasst' sed . respites. Posted at: Original ad: Disguising weapons wanted Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc_____ Offeri
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Weapon Troll

fasst' sed . respites.
Posted at:
Original ad:
Disguising weapons wanted ****
Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc_____
Offering: cash, items for barter
I saw your ad looking for ' disguised weapons- I have several items
you may be interested in. Respond if you are interested and I will send you pictures and
I an. lets see what you got.
Here you go;
Looks like a normal spoon, right?
Wrong. It is actually a deadly CLS" half- smooth, knife with tactical grip. one
minute you are enjoying a bowl of cereal, and the next you are fighting off attackers with
this deadly and disguised weapon-
I an asking tso for the blade. Let me know if you want to stop by and take a look at t
that is stupid as hell and looks like crap- unless you have anything better to offer, dont
waste my time.
I an sorry you feel that way about the spoon blade. I do have some other weapons that I
think you will feel differently about.
fine. but if it is another knife duct taped to a spoon then you can **** off.
Thank you for . Here are three quality disguised weapons that I think you wilt
At first glance, this looks like a normal party cup. However, if you look close enough, you
will see that it is really a fully automatic Glock EC. You will be able to pour your enemies a
nice warm cup of lead with this fine purchase. Asking for the gun’ cup combo.
Still thirsty for justice? Try this badass disguised as a icepack of soda The box
has two finely crafted holes on each side to allow for any kind of optics (not included) that
you with to attach. This weapon is only for sale if you have a Class III permit.
This cleverly disguised weapon may look like a tissue box, but is actually a Benelli ll
gauge shotgun disguised as a tissue box. The quilted tissues serve as a
comfortable grip on the pulpfiction shotgun. Also, if you find yourself sneezing during the
heat of combat, you will have a handy tissue box ready for action. Asking for the
weapon. Additional tissue boxes are an extra per box.
Let me know if you want any of these items.
youre a ******* dumbass, , asswipe, retarded ******* _ you prob walk around
with that **** too you dumb mother ******* I hope you get hit by a can **** off, eat **** ,
and die.
Ell: MM X tn
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Submitted: 05/14/2013
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#3 - hilariousrubbish (05/14/2013) [-]
cats are like guns
they hide where you cant see them
but when you realise they're there you're too late
#2 - fukyeahraptorr (05/14/2013) [-]
I died @ 24pack of soda disguise
I died @ 24pack of soda disguise
#1 - sinery (05/14/2013) [-]
Holy 			****		, my sides.   
+1 to you good sire.
Holy **** , my sides.
+1 to you good sire.
#7 - zaidan (05/14/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link This guy trolls people on Craigslist and has a whole site devoted to it. This one is just the tip of the iceberg.
User avatar #9 to #7 - gabek (05/14/2013) [-]
Thanks. I had this sent to me once and didn't know the sauce and now I have it
#5 - ratchkae (05/14/2013) [-]
see you on the frontpage.
User avatar #6 to #5 - gabek (05/14/2013) [-]
It will never make it that far
#8 to #6 - ratchkae (05/14/2013) [-]
it should, these are the greatest kind of posts.
unlike all that tumblr and rage comic **** .
User avatar #12 to #10 - gabek (05/14/2013) [-]
That sure is a lot of them
#13 to #10 - hipsophobadon (05/14/2013) [-]
howd you even find them all?
User avatar #14 to #13 - shagtastic (05/14/2013) [-]
Google. Typed in Disguesed Weapon Funnyjunk the first whole page but one is this content.
#16 to #15 - shagtastic (05/14/2013) [-]
Never tried it that way.
I just usually type up something out of the picture and put funny junk at the end.
(Pic unrelated)
But take it as an example say its been reported a **** ton of times and I'm unsure I'd google "master ball funnyjunk" "Oak tips funnyjunk".. Ect.

User avatar #17 to #16 - hipsophobadon (05/14/2013) [-]
Never even thought of it but I just stumbled upon that method and yours within 30mins of each other. It's a sign.
#18 to #17 - shagtastic (05/14/2013) [-]
An you just gave me an excuse to use this finally.
#4 - anon (05/14/2013) [-]
I want those Disguised weapons
#11 - shagtastic has deleted their comment [-]
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