Holy shitcuntfuck. . GLEEKED f. Ch',. THAT MATH IS TERRIBLE. Isn't it, lacypushupbra ? Holy shitcuntfuck GLEEKED f Ch' THAT MATH IS TERRIBLE Isn't it lacypushupbra ?
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There's no accurate record of most events from 100 years ago so really it's more like 99.9% lost .
User avatar #3 to #1 - settlwlvs
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There are in-depth records of music history dating before the renaissance, which started in the 14th century. Gregorian chants recorded in the 9th century have been recovered and studied. Museums have in possession letters from Beethoven to his family describing his hearing loss in detail. My point is, if we have detailed information about something as personal as a composer's hearing loss that occurred in the Classical era, then saying that we don't have accurate account of events before 1913 is plain ignorant.
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Isn't it, lacypushupbra ?