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#209 - howuncreativeofme
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(05/14/2013) [-]
>be me, last week
second day of period, always the worst for me
have just been throwing bloody pads into rubbish bin thats in my room (figured I would have time to throw it out later)
go away for weekend, dorm room stays closed
walk into room first day back, strong stench of something, like beer
thought i must have left an open beer bottle somewhere amongst the mess of my room, look everywhere but cant find anything making the smell
dont have time to clean room, have to go to classes and catch up
have an appointment with gynocologist that afternoon, find out i have thrush
go back to room, realise smell is coming from rubbish bin
turns out the yeast in my period blood was fermenting all along

User avatar #264 to #209 - thetattooedone
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Da fuq is wrong with you?
#245 to #209 - kaycie
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