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User avatar #67 - hugora ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
I thought it was called vegetarianism.
User avatar #77 to #67 - masdercheef ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
Vegetarianism (in a very broad definition) is not eating meat. Veganism (again, in very broad terms) is absolutely no meat or animal by-products. No meat, no milk, cheese, eggs, etc...
#115 to #77 - dontknowme (05/13/2013) [-]
"I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian" said no vegatarian ever.
User avatar #144 to #115 - ILoveFurries ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
I actually am...
#147 to #144 - dontknowme (05/13/2013) [-]
yeah, me too, but you don't go around saying it. you're a vegatarian, no one gives a **** how you classify it.
User avatar #75 to #67 - slendermans (05/13/2013) [-]
There's vegetarianism, and vegan-ism. One are pussy, and the other ones are big pussys.
#74 to #67 - WillWalrus (05/13/2013) [-]
Wait... is that a joke?   
Or do you not know what veganism is?
Wait... is that a joke?
Or do you not know what veganism is?
User avatar #94 to #74 - hugora ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
I thought vegetarianism and veganism were the same. Also that when someone didn't eat none of the ovum, none of the dairy and so on it was just a more "extreme" way of vegetarianism. Sorry, I don't get out much.
User avatar #96 to #94 - WillWalrus (05/13/2013) [-]
Oh. That's fine.
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