Neat. The elephants are adorable.. Recycling done right!. I'll take 8
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The elephants are adorable.

Recycling done right!
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Submitted: 05/12/2013
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#72 - ishotthedeputy has deleted their comment [-]
#71 - saladtongsofdeath (05/13/2013) [-]
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.... then a rich american hires all of them to mass produce them at $ .50 a week meanwhile selling them at $20 each toy
User avatar #67 - riverofchex (05/13/2013) [-]
This is retardedly cool.
#68 to #67 - mastercolossus (05/13/2013) [-]
i agree with how you said that.
#65 - thewaronbeingcool (05/13/2013) [-]
< I wonder what we could make from these shoes.
#62 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
Nobody gives a **** about Africa. They're not even really people, they're some subhuman species. They are the scum of the earth, I wish the entire people were completely wiped out. We need a new genocide there. The land is fine though, it has diamonds and oil, so just get rid of the people and we're good. Rome was about 2000 years ago. They had these beautiful marble buildings, running water in many places, a basic plumbing system. Look at most parts of Africa today. Mud huts and **** . They are useless, idiotic, worthless people. Get rid of them all. I'm talking about Africans living in Africa, not all black people like African Americans. Once they move out of that **** hole it seems to improve. It's a hopeless continent. We need to stop wasting our time helping them, it wont do any good. Scientists say that life originated in Africa, meaning they've had more time than any other group on people on the entire planet to get their **** together, but they failed. Miserably. (1/2)
User avatar #85 to #62 - largeheadphones (05/14/2013) [-]
Blackispower should come here
#86 to #85 - anonymous (05/14/2013) [-]
I don't know who he is but he sounds like an idiot. Black is not power, black is weakness and inferiority.
User avatar #87 to #86 - largeheadphones (05/14/2013) [-]
It's someone username, I was just trying to start a ********* .
#88 to #87 - anonymous (05/15/2013) [-]
Well obviously you didn't and failed. The computer he stole probably was taken back by the actual owner.
#75 to #62 - strangesir has deleted their comment [-]
#77 to #75 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
It's so I can come back and find it more easily so I can respond to conversations...
#79 to #77 - strangesir has deleted their comment [-]
#80 to #79 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
I'm not wrong though... explain how i'm wrong. Don't just make claims without backing them up.
User avatar #66 to #62 - sumod (05/13/2013) [-]
People don't choose where they grow up, people don't choose situations like that you stupid little **** . They don't live like that out of choice, they live like they do out of desperation.
#74 to #66 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
They've had so much time to get their **** together, they've had all the help they could ask for, but still can't. It's no one else's fault but their own. It's the people that live there. We should wipe out the entire continent and then start all over again. Just wipe the slate clean, we're just wasting our time helping them now. They aren't worth it. They're subhuman.
User avatar #76 to #74 - sumod (05/13/2013) [-]
hahahah! God damn you're funny!
#78 to #76 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
I have a theory to answer why they're so god damn inferior. Organisms evolve to better adapt their environment so while the Africans stayed in Africa they had no reason to change any further, the people who moved out had to continue to evolve VERY slightly, almost unnoticeable, but it still made a difference in the brain development. They had to evolve slightly further to better fit the new environments while the Africans did not. Their brain stayed the same while the others evolved a bit more.
User avatar #81 to #78 - sumod (05/13/2013) [-]
I love how you are blatantly thumbing your own posts!
#82 to #81 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
I thumb up people who are right and thumb down people who are idiots and wrong. It just so happens that i'm right.
User avatar #83 to #82 - sumod (05/13/2013) [-]
#64 to #62 - tuckthisphit (05/13/2013) [-]
you 12 year old ******
#73 to #64 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
Actually i'm 19 but good guess...
#63 to #62 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
Egypt is the only exception and that's why they're right by the middle east so they weren't corrupted by the rest of Africa. The African's brain is much less advanced than normal humans. 200-300 years ago technology and science and math were much simpler, once it became more advanced the Africans could no longer keep up. They don't have the brain power to be able to keep up with modern technology and science. Their brain isn't evolved enough. (2/2)
User avatar #61 - vrthbvyfa (05/13/2013) [-]
Making disgusting old sweaty sandals into toys for children.

User avatar #89 to #61 - spinaltap (05/16/2013) [-]
if you had an attention span, you'd see the slide that clearly shows them washing the shoes first
User avatar #90 to #89 - vrthbvyfa (05/16/2013) [-]
Don't know how well they've been washed, don't know how far the sweat has penetrated. Kids bite on toys. Yum foot full of mouth...
#60 - kittygerman (05/13/2013) [-]
I would buy so many of those, they look awesome!
#59 - bdowns has deleted their comment [-]
#58 - jackisamazingtubzy (05/13/2013) [-]
where i work we have a giant version of the elephants its so cool
#57 - dealwithitfagg (05/13/2013) [-]
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#52 - huffe (05/13/2013) [-]
damn. those monkeys are getting advanced. soon they'll discover that sharpened sticks can be used as weapons
User avatar #49 - awalkingparadox (05/13/2013) [-]
i think they need shoes more than toys, hmmm
User avatar #45 - tentaquil (05/13/2013) [-]
I'm pretty sure those are slippers and sandals
User avatar #44 - Orb (05/13/2013) [-]
Thats a toy I wouldn't give my kids.
User avatar #38 - WMDxVeLoCiTy (05/13/2013) [-]
what's next? shoes fashioned from toys?
User avatar #42 to #38 - gamerfan (05/13/2013) [-]
i hope it won't be lego.
#37 - calidascopeeyes (05/13/2013) [-]
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User avatar #35 - cazabrow ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
Can you buy these online? My sugar cane field's about ready
#32 - JonasWest (05/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #69 to #32 - tehyanx (05/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #70 to #69 - tehyanx (05/13/2013) [-]
For the Record he's he's KONY's lesser known cousin. Biggest difference is he has sole.
User avatar #43 to #32 - gamerfan (05/13/2013) [-]
actually he looks a lot like that black guy from 'blood diamond'
User avatar #50 to #43 - johnnybtrollin (05/13/2013) [-]
no, he's will smith
User avatar #55 to #50 - redneckhokage (05/13/2013) [-]
i thought i was eddie murphy
#27 - RealStrangeSteve (05/13/2013) [-]
Sweet jesus, the evolution of the negro is progressing faster and faster!
User avatar #46 to #27 - zhitman (05/13/2013) [-]
The next step is to make toys fashioned from shoes fashioned from tires
#28 to #27 - RealStrangeSteve (05/13/2013) [-]
It has begun!
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