But Black Rhinos Aren't Extinct... Found here on 9gag: 9gag.com/gag/ad0mDeM. A student comes in after wheel with an . Oh my God, t think. It' s happening: a han stuff and things

But Black Rhinos Aren't Extinct..

Found here on 9gag: 9gag.com/gag/ad0mDeM

A student comes in after wheel with an . Oh my God, t
think. It' s happening: a handwritten thank we new here a
student. he heard M these. They' re rare - like black mine rare.
Wait, black raines are extinct. " this simile doesntt mark. I can
twat en one hand the dries Ne received fram students, Am I
sweating? De I have something stuck In my teeth?! really didn' t
need that second Chipotle burrito. Is this how students
they get asked tn pram? What do I say? "Thank you"? A thank yet:
fer a thank yen seems... cyclical? Oh, nate self: nevi that
en cyclical and parallel scenes in Rented
for Friday. De Iraniie? No, dun' t smile: That' s creepy. is a selen er
mere there? **** , does a hyphen come
helmsmen "semi" and "colon"? t always forget. Student puts the
an my desk and says, n need a letter lat
retern mendacity and if we meld M it by to '. thaw be
great," Damn it.
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E HERE is yew at in
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